Boarholm why did you not fix it in beta if its an exploit that was well known

Er. Hate to break it to you man. Mage AOE grinding is as of the time of this post, the absolute pinnacle of leveling efficiency in WoW.

Matter of fact, Even the Guiness Book of world records confirms this.

Aaaaaand here’s how he did it.


Says who? Respawn rates in the game are all over the board in general and do seem strangely fast overall. Who says they are spawning faster than intended? I have no idea, I didn’t design the game. I assume it’s intended, a design choice. The rate seems fixed vs Pastor that increased with people in the area (which they did fix). Amazon controls this, not the players.

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First AG sucks, they couldn’t fix critical long-standing bugs to save their life, their project managers actually suck and don’t know how to prioritize bugs, that’s abundantly clear.

Friendly reminder you have zero rights to your character or account in a game.

If you knew it was wrong and did it anyway. Blame yourself.

Thats like getting mad a dealership left the keys in a car and you stole it then got arrested after. Then you say well they left the keys in there it’s their fault I did nothing wrong!

I hope they ban every single person that sat in one spot farming mobs that instantly respawn.

Shroud saw similar things and checked them out and they collectively said on stream, nah gonna get banned doing this lets move out. Literally everyone that knew about them knew it was an exploit. If you did that crap anyways… on you.

so why haven’t they fixed it in 3 years then if it’s such a big deal?

Ok well they better start banning literally every person in my server then until it’s dead because EVERYONE on my server leveled skinning this way.

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Wierd, we all ran portals through different zones to level.

Server sounds like it collectively should have made better choices instead of being sheep.

Im talking about leveling.

Skinning was stupid easy to level without exploits LOL played yourselves. I was 200 skinning day 3 not even trying.

Ohhh big man was skinning 200 day 3 boys look out for this badass.
We really played ourselves there!

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Bigger man than kids exploiting, ill give you a rope to pull you out of your hole you have been digging.

Take care.

Yes keep thinking you have some kind of moral high ground in a fictional universe you weirdo. ROFL

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Not talking morals. Just saying you get what you get. You started attacking me lol.

Please tell me your playing a different game? Months to get to 60? Are you high?

No one’s attacking you victim andy.
Holy crap you clearly go around to every forum and post your weird opinion and then play victim card when someone calls you out.
What a typical forum user you are, grats.

Reekwater is a different case. With Reekwater, it is an obviously unintended behaviour. You pull the mobs away from spawn area and a new one will immediately pop in. It’s not the same issue as boars or bears.

Nope. Keep repeating same nonsense and you’ll keep getting the same answer.

Turns out yep, the developers addressed the problem in the update. Now we wait and see if they decide to deal with those that exploited the bug. I’m guessing the abuse was to wide spread for bans. If a character reset is possible that seems appropriate.

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They fixed it.

I think you can classify this as an exploit, since you are abusing something that wasnt intended by the devs. However can a player safely say that it wasnt intended or are players obliged to study every announcemnt ( even those that were released before launch) I dont think so.
In my mind the right action would be a message to the Player using the exploit telling them, that they are using an unintended game mechanic and this is considered an exploit. Further use of it will lead to actions against the account.
It’s different with other exploits like insta flipping after invasions. I think everybody knows that this couldnt be intended, sometimes there arent any changes in influence for hours/days, but as soon as an invasion ends you can gurantee that the region is thrown into conflict within seconds/minutes. No actions are taken against the players abusing this, yet they ban people for something that isnt necessarily instantly recognized as an exploit. This rather arbitrary handling of missbehaviour will lead to frustration of the majority of the playerbase and further down the line to migration. Even if you are not directly affected.
(No I didnt use the boar pit ever, if anyone would assume this from my text)

No, I really don’t you just obviously cant hold a debate. Again you have now switched lanes to personal attacks lol no one is playing the victim. I am calling you out on your own bs, I honestly could care less.

The farm was clearly an exploit, you knew it I knew it.

its already been determined that a. they arent punishing people and b. may not even change the boars as its working as intended. At least thats the messages from CC’s. We can stop the crying, moaning and complaining now. Never did boars, dont care for them but the crying needs to stop, just play the game.

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