Boarholm why did you not fix it in beta if its an exploit that was well known

EQ, sorry tried tagging you in last reply

You might want to re-read my post my friend. Here I will quote myself: “No one AOE levels in the mainstream mmos from WoW on.” EQ came out before WoW.

And you do realize EQ had a small community right? Either way you were reaching hard about saying “Many people AOE mobs to level” then refer to EQ. So yeah. No one AOE’s mobs to level except this game now.

EQ was massive when it was mainstream. I wouldnt know how people are exp’n in WoW onwards, I didnt play them.

There is no need for E-mails and all that. It is covered in the terms of service we signed. There is always something in there so the player can’t use the excuse “I didn’t know”. usually it goes along the lines if it is reasonable to assume that something is a bug then it is on the player to report it and not take advantage. It is obvious to everyone those boars are spawning much faster than intended. They don’t need to tell us don’t abuse that situation. We already agreed not to. What they have to stand on is the ToS we all signed. And yeah that isn’t the end all be all in every country but this one is fairly obvious that players are playing the game other than how intended.
That said this early in the games launch banning players for this kind of offense doesn’t make any sense. Maybe a few days suspension or a reset of the characters involved. Legally though they could go heavy handed and just ban. Players could fight the ban and it may or may not work. Either way it will take a lot of time and the end result is more likely to be refund than reinstatement.

once again its not letting me tag you. I left a reply for you above … sigh. It seems im a little older school than I thought. Get with the times I guess.

I personally wouldn’t call it massive. In March 1999 when it launched and a bit after it was 50k subs. It was growing but took till mid 2004 to peak at 550k subs then drop shortly after then had a huge decline in 2006 when WoW launched costing them a few hundred thousand subs.

I guess though for that time you can call it that. Took them a few years to build up to it but overall it wasn’t that massive. You can also find this chart by Googling it since they actually tracked subs for mmos then. Just Google “Old mmo sub numbers” then select images and you can see the charts that were used. And yep, this was extremely accurate.

Yeah these forums does that at times (and other gaming sites using similar forums) where it doesn’t quote even though you select it.

then dont…bye

So many obtuse people :man_shrugging:

You’ve clearly never been to the hog grind spot the boss is on like a 20 sec timer and the adds are like 10secs nothing abusive about that ser moans too much

if you don’t understand their stance it’s simple. there is no real endgame content. they can’t have everyone lvl.60 in 2 or 3 days, so they are hitting hard on any method of fast level grinding; in an attempt to slow the level gain of the playerbase

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Er. Hate to break it to you man. Mage AOE grinding is as of the time of this post, the absolute pinnacle of leveling efficiency in WoW.

Matter of fact, Even the Guiness Book of world records confirms this.

Aaaaaand here’s how he did it.


Says who? Respawn rates in the game are all over the board in general and do seem strangely fast overall. Who says they are spawning faster than intended? I have no idea, I didn’t design the game. I assume it’s intended, a design choice. The rate seems fixed vs Pastor that increased with people in the area (which they did fix). Amazon controls this, not the players.

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First AG sucks, they couldn’t fix critical long-standing bugs to save their life, their project managers actually suck and don’t know how to prioritize bugs, that’s abundantly clear.

Friendly reminder you have zero rights to your character or account in a game.

If you knew it was wrong and did it anyway. Blame yourself.

Thats like getting mad a dealership left the keys in a car and you stole it then got arrested after. Then you say well they left the keys in there it’s their fault I did nothing wrong!

I hope they ban every single person that sat in one spot farming mobs that instantly respawn.

Shroud saw similar things and checked them out and they collectively said on stream, nah gonna get banned doing this lets move out. Literally everyone that knew about them knew it was an exploit. If you did that crap anyways… on you.

so why haven’t they fixed it in 3 years then if it’s such a big deal?

Ok well they better start banning literally every person in my server then until it’s dead because EVERYONE on my server leveled skinning this way.

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Wierd, we all ran portals through different zones to level.

Server sounds like it collectively should have made better choices instead of being sheep.

Im talking about leveling.

Skinning was stupid easy to level without exploits LOL played yourselves. I was 200 skinning day 3 not even trying.

Ohhh big man was skinning 200 day 3 boys look out for this badass.
We really played ourselves there!

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Bigger man than kids exploiting, ill give you a rope to pull you out of your hole you have been digging.

Take care.

Yes keep thinking you have some kind of moral high ground in a fictional universe you weirdo. ROFL

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