Boarholm why did you not fix it in beta if its an exploit that was well known


Not talking morals. Just saying you get what you get. You started attacking me lol.

Please tell me your playing a different game? Months to get to 60? Are you high?

No one’s attacking you victim andy.
Holy crap you clearly go around to every forum and post your weird opinion and then play victim card when someone calls you out.
What a typical forum user you are, grats.

Reekwater is a different case. With Reekwater, it is an obviously unintended behaviour. You pull the mobs away from spawn area and a new one will immediately pop in. It’s not the same issue as boars or bears.

Nope. Keep repeating same nonsense and you’ll keep getting the same answer.

Turns out yep, the developers addressed the problem in the update. Now we wait and see if they decide to deal with those that exploited the bug. I’m guessing the abuse was to wide spread for bans. If a character reset is possible that seems appropriate.

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They fixed it.

I think you can classify this as an exploit, since you are abusing something that wasnt intended by the devs. However can a player safely say that it wasnt intended or are players obliged to study every announcemnt ( even those that were released before launch) I dont think so.
In my mind the right action would be a message to the Player using the exploit telling them, that they are using an unintended game mechanic and this is considered an exploit. Further use of it will lead to actions against the account.
It’s different with other exploits like insta flipping after invasions. I think everybody knows that this couldnt be intended, sometimes there arent any changes in influence for hours/days, but as soon as an invasion ends you can gurantee that the region is thrown into conflict within seconds/minutes. No actions are taken against the players abusing this, yet they ban people for something that isnt necessarily instantly recognized as an exploit. This rather arbitrary handling of missbehaviour will lead to frustration of the majority of the playerbase and further down the line to migration. Even if you are not directly affected.
(No I didnt use the boar pit ever, if anyone would assume this from my text)

No, I really don’t you just obviously cant hold a debate. Again you have now switched lanes to personal attacks lol no one is playing the victim. I am calling you out on your own bs, I honestly could care less.

The farm was clearly an exploit, you knew it I knew it.

its already been determined that a. they arent punishing people and b. may not even change the boars as its working as intended. At least thats the messages from CC’s. We can stop the crying, moaning and complaining now. Never did boars, dont care for them but the crying needs to stop, just play the game.

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Ya, I bet those that reported it were some of the first there to see if they can continue to exploit it. Just about every video on the subject called it an exploit yet suggested it as a place to farm.

It is no secret in gaming for many many years now that if you find a place like that and abuse it you can get banned. Aoe farming is standard in games when the mods are not packed in, in one small place and respawn in seconds.

I feel like it would be impossible to tell who used it and who didn’t. I find it doubtful that they would even track that type of information. Imagine the server space you’d need to track down every mob a person killed, in what location, time, etc.

LOL, this didnt age well at all. The boars(and the bears) got nerfed…and there are reports trickling in on reddit that a few people did indeed get banned, although it appears only in extreme cases.

aged perfectly well, I mean if you want to pick at hairs go ahead, I have other things to do lol

you claimed they wouldnt change it and people wouldnt get banned, but were dead wrong. i would say instead of aging like wine this aged more like a bowl of mayonaise that got left in the sun for 5 months

I said nothing about them not changing it, they did. I didnt say it wouldnt get people banned, they did. I mean you do read right?

I just repeated what they said.

PS Ive yet to see this “nerf” im still seeing video that its fast

South Park, what a great show. I leveled 1-60 on boars.

Still reported everyone there.

Only cause a bug exists does not mean that it has to be abused.

Even if this was known before, the TOS states that bug abusing is forbidden. If your account is banned, thats cause YOU abused a bug.

What you do is just justify a abuse and give it to the devs. Its still the players fault, its like you say… hey theres a cheat, and the devs know about it. So its ok to use it…

maybe you should lay off the weed…

You truly are simple…

I repeated what they said, I didnt make it up

Repeat after me …

You are SIMPLE