Boarholm why did you not fix it in beta if its an exploit that was well known

But if it was reported, multiple times, during the Beta and it’s still in the game, doesn’t that mean it clearly isn’t a Bug. I mean they claimed they had to delay for a Month do squish the Beta Bugs, haven’t they?

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I am oversimplifying it, although in the past on certain games that was all they were. I know its a conduit between us and the devs and in some cases more public relations leaning, but you get my point…it will not be a CM decision.

wait, you actually could hold it this time?

Sorry but that’s just to good to be left unused :slight_smile:

Shhh…I need to grind there when I reach level so I can catch up. Jeesh, narc.

Angry internet people always have a good grasp of contract law.

Amazon already declared this officially an exploit and the phrase in the contract states “or otherwise exploit the Games”. You can of course appeal a ban and use all your internet lawyer power. Best of luck.

I hope players read this. Use exploits, live in fear of bans, enjoy.

lol… “you’re” is not appropriate, rather than focus on spelling mistakes maybe you should make sure your grammar is correct. hope you washed YOUR foot, because now you get to eat it.

ya … I guess?? Once again I never have nor have any wish to farm boars. Your comment was not required because you again failed to read.

never have nor have any desire to farm boars, its the principle. Learn to read my comments 101

It doesn’t matter how you feel, or what your “principles” are. The terms and conditions are quite clear when you joined the game…and outline this exact type of exploit, regardless of if YOU personally participate or not, you are here spouting YOUR opinion about it. So if anyone needs to “learn to read”…it’s probably you.

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I farm mobs that take 30 seconds+ to respawn but kill large groups of them. Im not exploiting anything, but the method of how I exp is being attacked. Thats the principle, once boars are taken care of, are you going to target those of us doing legal things because it doesnt suit you? If you cannot handle opinions, get off the internet sweetie, its not for you…

Obsurd reply inc in 3 … 2 … 1 …

The way im getting xp is no concern of yours, you do you, ill do me.

Ill say it more clearly for you. I NEVER HAVE, NOR EVER WANT TO, FARM BOARS. Were you able to read that this time?

Lol, “sitting and grinding” is that how you see an exploit? Too funny.

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dont reply unless you can read, never have done boars, im talking about grinding other mobs, my level that respawn every 30 secondsish.

repeat after me … nothing wrong with how im getting xp. By your logic farming Deadmans is a crime.

This falls under an exploit though. The mobs are spawning much faster than intended and the players know the spawn rate is not normal. So they are staying there taking advantage of a bug in the game. That isn’t typical mob grinding. That is exploiting and I bet we all agreed not to exploit bugs in the game.

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no its not, check the CC’s response, the exploit is FORCING mobs to spawn INSTANTLY. The mobs respawn fast in this game on purpose, (the instant mobs are broken) what im doing is NOT an exploit. Im just pulling an entire area to kill. Move along

Just because my toon is strong means I cant kill? you make no sense. The speed at which I kill is no concern of yours!
Besides, what part of im killing normal spawn timer mobs do you not understand?

This whole business has a few rather large holes in it and for that reason it seems to me that any “we’ll swing the banhammer” statement is for show rather than action.

First of all, AGS is expecting and action on the assumption that any random player has the knowledge that AGS considers something they placed there for interraction of a player in game as an exploit. They can’t even say that they e-mailed everyone to inform them of it and try to base it on that, really no leg to stand on there.

Secondly, if they actually decide to swing the banhammer mightily, AGS would soon find out why most digital media companies are very hesitant to use a banhammer and they use it with the precision of a scapel, not a maul. In USA, an EULA might be a legally binding contact that can be acted upon to terminate the right to use a license to someone, but all countries outside of USA, EULAs and all of similar one sided pre-written digital company contracts has the legal binding power of a 10 year old dried out glue -it’s not binding at all, even if it literally says “don’t go to boarholm and kill boars” in it- so it boils down to a company refusing to give service that was paid to give on their own notion (aka companies aren’t allowed to be a judge and executioner). Which back to my point, companies are very careful with handing out bans. Temp bans fly under the radar due the work involved solving the issue but perma bans don’t.

So anyway, Im sure AGS is aware how things work, considering they provide a international digital service. No sweat off my back about the deal too. I’m not really involved in the boarholm massacre to gain levels, sounds too old school. I’m just saying what it is in case the big eula we sign to agree looks too important for anyone. If AGS wants to deal with the Boarholm thing, they’d need to do it in way such as removing items, removing xp, rolling the servers back etc. Company providing the service should be very careful from the start because like I mentioned, the responsibility for those stuff fall on them.

Didn’t say you are exploiting the game. Yes the mobs here do respawn very quick compared to other games I’ve played. Saying people are exploiting a bug where something is spawning to quick doesn’t translate to all players are exploiting by farming XP elsewhere. Have you seen how quick those boars respawn? There is never a down time. It is extremely obvious that the spawn time in that instance was not intended and players taking advantage are playing the game other than intended. That is breaking the Terms of Service agreement in every online game I’ve played. It is the catch all they add in. Playing the game other than how intended. The players behavior there has no implications on how you are playing the game.
I don’t think a ban is warranted but maybe if possible a roll back on the characters involved in the exploit.

errrrmmaaagersh … I know the boars, people are telling me what im doing on my own, is exploiting, when I kill mobs, wait a min, pull again, rinse repeat. Im not standing on an instant spawn mob and smacking it. Im pulling trains and smacking them, getting my xp, then waiting 30 seconds and doing it again.

What im doing is smart play, and Ill drop any game that says thats an “exploit” like a bad habit.

Huh. I went to Boarsholm for quest reasons and stayed because a lot of people were there killing boars while waiting for their Depths party to fill. Seemed perfectly normal to me.

This cannot be an exploit. People are not doing anything but kill mobs that spawn at the times they set. If they don’t want the boars to be killed as quickly, maybe spawn them slower?

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First I am not agreeing with the OP but what I am quoting made me LMAO. NO. MANY of us do not do aoe leveling on mobs. LMAO. WTF kind of mmos were you playing? If you did that you know how long it would take you to level? The only mmo people did aoe leveling was games like SWG since it was a sandbox mmo and didn’t really have any quest systems except a terminal to do kill missions. So yeah, people did “Spin” AOE farming when you were leveling specs. But yeah. No one AOE levels in the mainstream mmos from WoW on.

EQ my friend. 2000-present.