Body blocking has no place in PVE

It’s just lazy development.
You put in body blocking for PVP and it was just easy (lazy) to let it affect PVE.


Makes you work together more in dungeons. I’ve seen my tanks die multiple times due to teammates blocking them out of healing circles more. Another aspect to be mindful of.

I can agree that it could have been laziness, but I like that it helps keep my tanks and I even more on our toes. Especially since healing feels so easy in this game.

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Imagine they release a 20 man raid. gg


Collison is off in towns.

Collison makes sense in all combat, stop trying to mold the game in to other MMOs.


This is still a feedback forum. As tank and melee dps i can give the feedback that it feels shitty to get body blocked by other ppl in all parts of pve content. If you play a mage build and dont get annoyed by body blocking becouse you stay alone all the time then stop read this thread.

This forum was created to collect the opinion of a representative section of the player base. If a large part of the player base feels annoyed by body blocking and a small part wants to keep it becouse you are not affected, then its better for the game to change it for pve. If not, then not. But allow the community to express their opinion.

Its our feedback, accept it. Its AGS choice to take up feedback or not, not yours.


In some scenarios there is still not enough space for the “style of positioning and playstyle”. Did you ever played rifts with like 30-40 ppl and try to reach 1 or 2 mobs? It is absolutely impossible.

Can you imagine what happens if they release a raid for 10+ ppl? They have to disable body blocking in pve. In pvp its fine, but for me an all of my friends it feels completely annoying in pve.

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Seems like your friends should look into alternative builds.

I agree. It’s very annoying trying to enter a building to loot a chest to find you can’t get in because for whatever reason collision is enabled between you and the guy stood in the door.

I think collision should only be active in PVP and between party members, otherwise it’s annoying and unnecessary - especially considering it feels completely random whether collision will be active or not.


Why? Name a realy good reason why body blocking is important in pve and why it should stay? There is no reason. The playstyle isn’t more complex and funny becouse of it. There is no skill check, it doesn’t make fights more interesting. It’s just annoying and frustrating and it limits the players build choice.

Be forced to play a specific build shouldn’t be a solution.

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Not that it helps in combat, but if you sheathe your weapon (at lease when PVE flagged) bodyblocking collisions are turned off, maybe with them seeing more feedback on the issue they will consider a wider removal!

TERA had body blocking in PvE and it worked out fine. People learned how to place themselves so they wouldn’t get in the way of each other and the tank.

Tera who? :wink:

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