Bored already at 40

Ok so I have played 2 different types of characters magic and spear/muskit. I have found it pretty lonley gameplay tbh, my friends are on the same server but I always end up questing alone (I hate quests btw) because they started before me and are like 50. There are no delves like in Elder Scrolls Online, no qeue systems that you can join for dungeons, the quests are very basic (I hate quests) and there seems no other way of getting XP appart from farming mats and quests. No mounts, game feels like I am running all the time, it’s anoying.

I love crafting but it seems pretty pointless so far appart from making bags and food becaue the drops have kept me kitted out and stuff is cheap on the trade post.

The lack of pvp is really an issue for me I remember leveling most of my characters 1 to 80 in wow battlegrounds, warsung gulch alterac valley eye of the storm etc. Nothing like that here :frowning:

But… the world is beautiful!

So for now I’m off I left this here so the devs can read it or not but it’s good for them to know why people leave I guess.


yup, you actually have to move your character to go places like dungeons XD

You don’t, you get dragged in when the person with the orb enters.

Actually getting that far is the hard part, I ended up having to ask a streamer on Twitch who is also on my US East server to run me through Amrine because two weeks of typing “lfg Amrine” got me nowhere.

This is why a group finder and queue system is the standard for most MMOs now.

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Hmmm OP actually has some important feedback here. Because it’s issues i have not only seen here alot but because it’s things i noticed while getting up to 60 and remarks made by the company lads.

As servers are dieing, drying up or whatever (not doom or gloom this happens after release). Now i have said this before as well so i am gonna jot down on the issues they have said.

  1. LFG system can work in this or if they wanna keep doing the current way then server merges are gonna be needed. Also gonna need reasons for higher levels to return to older dungeons to assist (time and effort need to match the current).

But i honestly believe that a LFG system is probably gonna have to happen in game and not just for dungeons. Take this for a point your stuck in que for Outpost Rush for 55 minutes then get in. Now once your done it throws you back so you have to run all the way back to town just to sign up again for it to happen again.

That also leads into the discussion of cross realm LFG system / PVP system to shorten que times down from insane amounts. Especially as they add more dungeons, raids, pvp modes and arena etc. The more you add, the more you divide and with a 2000 player limit well… you see the issue that will get worse if not sorted before dlc.

  1. The questing system in this game is one of the worse possible ones ever. But it’s not their fault actually due to the dang game going from a Survival, PvP esk game then to a MMO style one. It’s not bad for what they have done but boy oh boy is it hated by everyone in the company.

Town boards are not rewarding end game, i end up spending more crafting the requirements needed. Honestly really don’t need the town rep lol…

They can be rewarding up to 7k exp missions for leveling but jesus they are boring. Side quests are not fun, it’s just go here and kill x mobs repeat. It actually got sicking to level and as someone that went to 60 and then helped others as well jesus i hated every moment of it.

They need to look at massively increasing the yellow quest exp to make it worth while. I cheesed alot of leveling by portal trains and town board spamming. It was almost enough to quit especially when you don’t see any variety.

  1. Crafting is pretty good OP, just alot of useless stuff they need to merge it down a bit. Also they need to tone down some of the exp required per level. I don’t want everyone to go through the hell our furniture crafter did lol.

  2. The issue of the pvp bit goes from what i said above the lack of cross realm LFG system and pvp system means insane que times most of the time. They need to address that then consider lower level versions as a good means of exp and to break up the number 2 issue above.

  3. Mounts won’t fully work in this game the way it is setup. But they should consider fast travelingfrom our camps and increasing the dang azoth cap lol.

I hope you return when the game is in a better spot. They have been doing well and even myself i don’t know how much longer i got till i chill as well. Mainly due to the way end game works really. I log on and do my chest runs annnnnd well i honestly don’t know what else to do.

If i need gold or azoth ill hit my favorite mode Outpost Rush personally. But yeah just waiting for dlc at the moment and alot of other changes.

Really wish AGS were able to give the game another year to bake. It’s so dang promising but yeah hopefully it doesn’t end up like my other favorite MMO style games. Hopefully this helps with the feedback OP is passing along.

3 people need to be at the entrance in order to enter. And then if you want to turn the quest in you still have to go there xD

At OP: don’t worry, more than half of all players never make it past level 40.

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I also have the issue both my characters are now on low pop servers and I have no way to move them.

Mounts would destroy a lot, the map is to small.

Huge mistake even to compare wow with this. Thats the reason why 50% people just left cause they dont get the comfort like in wow or they ALWAYS compare to wow. Wow… here there… wow here…

Its a fantastic game as long you dont compare to wow, guildwars, swotr or any other mmos.

And those wow Battlegrounds was implemented WAAAAAY later not even in the first month, thats why you always compare but wow got that and that, never forget how long it took wow to be in place where it is now. 20 years vs. 1 month

I love the game and generally roll my eyes as “ok I’m quitting” posts, but actually I think yours is really good and holds a lot of useful feedback.

I agree with most of your criticisms, and the bit about playing alone due to your friends being at different levels really resonates with me. I find this a lot.

there is a range on the “Pull” and if you’re too far away from your group, I think 600+ meters, you have to run all the way there… or it’s yet another bug lol

Yea I get you my friend, like I said though I think it is good to let the team know why people are leaving so they can work on things that will bring them back.

I will return at some point when new things happen, this is they way :wink:

Sounds like sandbox MMOs are not for you.

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