Bored Level 60 Grief?

I had a feeling something like this would come along. Is it harassment?

I had a quest to kill 10 buffalo, and I headed out to do that near the fisherman hermit guy we all get really familiar with to do it. I get there, and I see the chat about this level 60 guy standing on a rock near the middle of the field one-shotting and insta-killing every buffalo that spawns in the area, challenging level 20’s to duels over and over again and saying no one is getting any buffalo until someone beats him in a fight.

I’m sure lots reported him. I moved on to another quest line and will get back to this today.

Should this kind of behavior to be expected? The rush to level 60 by some, then being bored there, and determined to ruin the game for others (or try to) ?


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Make a group and kill him. Problem solved.

Just wants to show his number off, fun goes both ways :smiley:

I’m not surprised to hear about it. I wouldn’t say it’s harassment as it isn’t offensive, but just some player with nothing better to do. I’d hire a lvl 60 to come knock down the ego a peg or two lol

On one hand that seems frustrating but on the other it is kind of hilarious. Was he PvP flagged? If he wasn’t that leans more towards frustration.

I wouldnt call it harassment, but its certainly reportable.

Hes causing an issue of keeping players from normal game play advancement…im my own opinion of course. Now game rules may apply here as to race to see who can kill first…but just standing there allowing no players to get quest done is griefing no doubt.

Report and see what comes of it. You will never hear a result of the report as they arent allowed to do that…but its worth a shot to at least stop bad behavior.

It is called stopping player progression. And being done intentionally. So yes, it is harassment and griefing and should be reported.

I agree it should be reported. I looked deeper in the definition of harassment and also agree now. I just had tunnel vision on the offensive part.

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