Bot battle idea

Using the open-world pvp system. When a player is flagged more than X number of times as a bot, their toon automatically gets flagged for PVP / open attacks from players. The way it would work is a player’s name tag would represent 3 colors. Green = normal / good player. Yellow = a player that has been flagged or has reached a 50% report rate and Red = fully flagged. A green or yellow player can’t be attacked (unless they actively enabled their PVP flag). A red player however, is auto PVP enabled. When a player kills a Red flagged player, they are awarded with gold and faction exp. Obviously, a bot will die, spawn back in and re-run the same route as previous. Groups of players could just hang out and mass slaughter bots running set routes and reap the rewards. It would to help the devs out as well, instead of having to sift through thousands upon thousands of bot reports, it puts control into the players hands to help address the problem while rewarding them in the process. Likewise, it helps narrow down the reports on the back-end as players that reached red status and maintained it for a set duration become the top of the ban priority list.

There should be a cool down function built in as a safe guard, if a player is yellow or red flagged, logging out of the game for XYZ number of minutes, hours, days, weeks or months (depending on the number of reports the user had against them), their flag status would reduce until eventually it would reset back to green (a player cool-down).

It would need to bypass the faction system to a degree. A red flag would almost need to be a faction of its own, so regardless of which team they are actually on (green, purple or yellow), they can be attacked by anyone.

To address the potential of abuse (say a large company decides to target one individual who isn’t actually a bot), the threshold for auto flagging status would need to be fairly high and limited or tracked to a daily limit (meaning Player A can only report Player B as a bot once per 24 hours). If Player B receives so many reports in a 24 hour window, on the following day, unless action is taken to reduce flag status from yellow to green again, the reports would stack until red status is given.

This would at least give some control to the players to help combat the bot problems and reward them in the process. It would assist the dev team in sorting and filtering bot reports in a more automated manor and at the end of the day, bots that reach yellow or red, will most likely start logging off / using their cool-down functions which in turn keeps them out of the game for a period of time until devs are able to push bans,

Well the easiest way is to restart servers every 24 hours forcing the bots to sign back in. In the Korean time zone of 3-5AM.

Albion online resets every 24 hours it was so nice for a few hours of no bots even though they have very little of them, because they only have 1 server. They were found in the T1-T5 none pvp zones,

A server reboot may help in the short-term, but doesn’t help in the long-term. Likewise, people play games around the clock, so doing a daily reboot means taking away from legitimate players on a daily basis. Kicking a bot from the game for a little bit, doesn’t do anything to assist in the reporting aspect. It isn’t just about getting them out of the game, it’s integrating a system to help identify bots better than just hitting a report button that doesn’t seem to do much from the players side of the game.

I got to this and saw that this would be impossible to implement. There is way to much report abuse to make this happen. This along with others things to help moderate MIGHT, and I say MIGHT work, but it definitely won’t relying on the report system. Even with a CD, it would be toxic when a group flagged that randome pver because he got an orichalcum vein first…

Id be kinda surprised if this did anything. couldn’t they just script log back in?

Abuse is going to happen, regardless of safeguards, people will always try and find a way around it. However, it’s not impossible. Having a daily limit of 1 report against a player per day and setting the threshold to say 500 reports, that would require 5, 100% full companies reporting the same player once per day. The likely hood of coordinating that level of abuse attack, though not impossible, would be difficult to achieve.

Honestly, I’ve never seen it personally, but, based on some of the other things I’ve seen in this game as well as the many forum posts I’ve seen detailing this problem, I would be hesitant to give the player base any more power.

Really, all they need is active GMs. That would solve so many problems.

No doubt, more in-game moderators and GMs would help the problem, but even those real people still get stuck with a 1,000 reports daily from players, where they have to go through each one and try to verify “is this a legitimate report or is this bogus”. That can take a lot of time still. This would at least help prioritize which accounts to look at first or have the highest probability of being legit reports vs. the bogus ones. On the short-term, up front side, it gives players a means to help with the problem directly until a GM is able to look into the reports themselves and validate it.

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