[Bot] Emain Albach - Iron Bot

World: Emain Albach
Bot Name: Half the Snow
Issue: This bot has been reported a few times running the same iron route outside of Cutlass Keys / First Light. They’ve upgraded from an iron node macro to a route.

Today I recorded them on their route to prove they are botting.

How I can tell this is a bot::

  1. They run the exact same route. It’s about an 8 minute route from Cutlass Keys and back to town.

  2. If I run ahead of them and mine the node they’re route takes them over they will pause and stand there until the node is depleted then move on to the next node in their route.

  3. Several times you’ll see them pause, turn, and go another way. This is because that’s a marker on their saved route where they’ve changed directions. They don’t deviate from the path like a person would.

  4. If I manage to mine a node even if there’s a 2nd node right next to it they will ignore it until the 1st is depleted if I manage to capture the right order they would mine them. This is different from a player who would see there’s another node and go there immediately.

  5. A player would also get pissy if I were following them around for 20 minutes on their exact same route but this bot does not say a thing :slight_smile:

  6. This bot is not part of any faction or company which is another common attribute of bots. Not saying all factionless people are bots but most bots I’ve encountered are not part of a faction.

Please do something about this bot. It’s leveled to past level 30 on this behavior alone.

You can view the bot video I took here:

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Place a tent in front of their path.

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