Bot Problem turning into Bot Crisis

The bot problem is becoming a bot epidemic…its making the game unplayable. There are so many bots on my server you can no longer independently farm motes, hyssop, fiber, and forget anything above it like Ori, plat, lode, wireweave, etc… To a certain degree if AGS doesnt do something about it we will have to choose to either buy gold or quit playing. I’m not using hyperbole either…you can go to any farming spot and there are dozens, hundreds of bots. Every node I go to search for motes is gone…and the forest is permeated by dozens of bots. OPR both teams are 80% bots. I know were reporting them. Its one of the main things were talking about in chat…but none of them are getting banned. @AGS DEVS might be time to region lock with VPN protections


They present positional data right on the screen for bots to use. They could stop a considerable percentage of botting simply by turning off positional data. It gives the impression they don’t really want to stop the bots.


they dont , nor they want coin selling for real money to stop , look at how much free gold they gave Everfall and WW owners , hundreds of millions are now in coin selling sites , GG.

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I can’t help but think this is true lately.

I swear I have even seen legit users/players resort to using bot programs cause it’s becoming asinine to even try and compete with them…making me feel less and less like logging in tbh.


Welcome to populated servers! Don’t know if this is a bot or not (think they are as I was able to farm one active node while they just stood there trying to mine the inactive one) but you have to admire the dedication to spend their entire day either at a single location or traveling from location to location just to camp a mining node. I noticed this guy on Castle of Steel camping the same ori node for the entire day. Today, I took timestamped screenies of the times I passed this node

Takes a special kind of resolve to commit this hard to a video game.

The developers are completely incompetent, the reporting system does not work completely, the bots have been alive for two months!!!
English is not my first language, so it may contain errors, sorry

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