Botched Wars and Invasions - Good concept, bad execution

I’ve played this game for a few months since launch with a group of 5 friends and I’m the last one to quit the game. I’ve gone form doing quests with friends, farming iron and cloth until late at night to get professions up to joining a company with a city, grinding watermarks, dungeons and lastly gypsum.

In all those months of actively playing New World nearly every day I’ve done 0 wars and 0 invasions (it’s the same for my other 4 friends). Yet those have time and time again been advertised as core mechanics/events of the game. And the sad thing is I’ve tried.

At multiple occasions I’ve signed up for invasions and wars only to see my place be taken (in the form of kicks in invasions and just a flat out refusals for wars) by people with higher GS, more social discord skills, or just people who are better at playing the game then me.

I’ve put in my fair share of time and effort in the game since launch even though I work a full time job and I can only play in the evening (and sometimes even sacrificing sleep to farm until 4 am because its the only time you can actually find anything on high pop servers) but I’ve never been able to catch up or even shorten the gap between me and the “elite” players that pretty much participate in every war or invasion. There’s a lot of stuff to do in the game including crafting and yes I’ve spend a lot of time getting many of my professions to 150+ even nearing 200 in some of them but does that have to completely disqualify me from one of the core game events of the game ? Just because I’m not a hardcore PvPer or Dungeon grinder ?

It’s not like I don’t understand why this happened. Ruling companies want to win wars and defend cities the best they can to minimize loss, this means that only a small elite get to do those events and if you spend enough of time talking with people in a company that do participate in those events themselves, it’s always the same people who do wars/invasions. The same names get spoken all the time. What this means for more casual players (as in people that don’t play for 12h a day) is that we get to miss out on some of the core content.

But who’s fault is it ? The devs ? The players ? I’ts kind of both really. Wars as a system are unforgiving, cities rarely change hands on a server so only the best GS/skill will be accepted since all the spots are player decided and honestly I don’t see why any sane company leader would give a casual PvPer like me get a spot in something that can decide the future of a city. It’s a similar story for invasions. You can sign in and hope to get randomly picked from a huge list of people but in most cases you will get kicked if you’re not “on the list” and if by some mistake you do get in and not perform by some high standards you might get insulted and flamed (happened to some people). This again is due to the fact that invasions have been designed to be a progression curb to cities (with workbench downgrades on invasion losses) so no sane city leader would let random casual players in and lose up to 100k gold in upgrades.

Another issue is that Discord is mandatory, at a point where it would be only fair to write at game launch or in the store page that Discord is required if you wish to experience all the game has to offer. How so ? Well companies do EVERYTHING trough Discord, most of them don’t even let you join them if you don’t sign up at their Discord first. Being forced to install and use 3rd party software to enjoy the game is in my opinion ethically questionable and un-inclusive for people unable to or feeling unconformable using voice chat for many reasons but that’s another issue entirely.

Well that’s the gist of it. Hope I didn’t bore anyone to death and thanks for reading until the end. :smile:

Lugh McCian (Nysa)

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