Bots 500 vs. Devs. 0

Well, those of us still here have put up with a lot. Bugs, shutdowns, exploiters, dupers … all of it negatively affecting players who just want to play a game. I have to say, with all of the previous, the thing that annoys me the most is the bots.

I am on Krocylea and, I have to say, ever since servers were merged into us, the bots I see in areas farming things I need has increased by about 1000%. I think these came from the servers you merged into us because I am seeing things we have never had on our server. For example (besides the 1000% increase which coincided with the merger), I’m seeing bots working in pairs (heaven forbid they miss a single mote node), bots working in groups to kill NPCs (yes, you read that correctly). I report the same bots over and over and nothing happens. Please don’t give me your excuse that you have to make sure it’s not a real player. That’s a load of bull. If you watch one of these for 30 seconds, you can tell it’s not a real player. They run up to a node that’s not gatherable and try to gather it. Go figure IT’S A BOT. For a while, many of us would throw camps on them to stop them in their tracks but, guess what? They get around that now.

These things just keep getting smarter the longer you don’t address it. I don’t understand how you can let this go on. I play games that have a ten-year-old game engine that can stop this type of abuse. It just doesn’t happen. What is so special about your game engine that allows it to happen and continue for months? I really don’t see anything that special.

This is where I draw the line. I know you don’t care, since I’ve already paid my money, but I’m about to talk about this LOUDLY all over the Internet, if you don’t fix it quickly (we’ve waited long enough), in addition to leaving your game. When I have to complete with a legion of bots (as well as all the new players you inundated our server with) for resources and NPCs, that is where it ends for me.

So fix it or goodbye because you SUCK.

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