Bots and gold sellers took over a town

Sounds like you need to win it back or move to another town. I mean lots to choose from.

Without a server mentioned, im calling BS


While we’re all at it, which server and city?

Fake news until you provide actual verifiable data.

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Questions, questions…

How did bots defeat a company of actual players, and how is it that no one on the server can evict them? Or is this a company of actual players that have taken to trying to turn their wealth into real money?


Played for +1300 hours, and have yet to encounter my first bot on 2 diff servers.
Lots of report + ingame spam and forumthreads of ppl who’s supposedly botting, tho its usually just ppl accusing other people of botting, without proper evidence or valid reason for the accusation.
But I guess they exits on all other servers than the ones Ive played on - lucky me!:joy:

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I Just Met 5 Friends today.


I am Sure people accuse Them of botting a Lot.

There’s a difference between bots and people that enjoy harvesting that people seem to overlook/forget/ignore.

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Its not hard to tell the difference when you can find them running the same route any time of day. To add to that, interrupt or catch their node first and watch them run up to it, stand for a moment and move to the next spot.
Thats not human…


That’s why they’re so brazen.

A month ago when i was on my old low pop server ive rarely seen any bots, mostly just farmers. Now on camelot bots are everywhere. The most popular places are ww and weavers fen, you can find 20+ running around any given time during the day. The death motes spot in weavers seem like an specially popular botting location.

Mate. Maybe they run these spots cause they are actual good gold, and usually less contested than e.g ori spots, iw trees and so on.
How Can u make sure they are bots and not nolife farmers/gmakers/crafters? and how can u make sure they are always there, are you always there to check up on them?

they are probably owned by AGS


It seems your’e running some bots too. Cause why you even asking how he/she determines if it’s bot or not. We are playing games and we know how bot acts. This is a massive problem. For example me. I like to farm materials after my work for a coiple hours. But now I can’t do it cause on my farm routes running at least 4-5 bots 24/7 Why should I compete with bots? I just stopped playing NW.

Sry not gonna waste words on you beyond this reply, if u already assume (and for no apparent reason, other than your own justification) that I am bottin - it’s pointless :smiley: I see How you would assume a lot of players would be botters in you pov, so there u go.
Someone took your farmroute and u quit the game, what kind of logic is that :rofl::joy: I like to farm as well, and havn’t encoutered the said bots just yet, after at least 500+ hours of farming, on 2 servers, however I have been called a bot before, not only in NW (hence; others prolly have as well) cause of how metodically and speedy I do my farm, trying to eleminate possible competitors for the spot, in the progress.

Anyways happy New year m8, and gl in your further endeavors.

Past decades of crappy MMO experiences and developers still didn’t get a full-time employee to just continuously ban bots and gold sellers

Sadly not :confused: it’s cause they need to personally investigate each case of reported bottin through logs etc, before they can 100% make sure that what/who they ban, is an actual bot and not just a player who is almost resembling a bot, and those people do exist.
But tbh, rather have them take time (tho this time could Idd be a lot less, but that naturally requires more ressources of the AGS team to investigate (mass)reports) instead pf them bannin at random, to make quick progress. Very sad for actual players who are banned on assumptions.
Imagine a world tho, where noone wanted to cheat by using and benefitting from bots and exploits etc. It’s utopia, even tho it should be common sence when playing a game😢

I like how guys just boldly pull those percentages :laughing:

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