Bots and gold sellers took over a town

Seems like as soon as numbers started plunging, purging bots took on less and less of a priority. Probably 40% of “active” players are bots.


Bots have taken over most severs, they control most of the worlds in game economies, and get paid IRL to do it. They are probably pulling in more bank then AGS is, to be honest lol.


No they haven’t

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Once again no server name, no guild name, no proofs just assumptions


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More and more reports of this type of thing. Others report that players are basically being paid off NOT to participate in Wars and therefore not take these Settlements. So that RMT can continue with tax money.

The player-influenced Settlement system was a nice experiment but too easily exploited. It’s long overdue to remove all player influence over Settlements. @Lane @Zin_Ramu @Luxendra

Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

And no, PvP-only servers or forced-PvP won’t help when it comes down to players being paid off and griefed to NOT PvP at all.
Every single PvP system in this game has ruined itself or ruined the rest of the game.

If bots own a town, how did they acquire the town and secondly, can’t you declare war and easily win?

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Hard to push influence when the bots can run pvp missions 24/7.

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Theyre bots… PVP… means theyre flagged. get your guild to farm them. easy.

Poor man

You don’t need to Run 24/7. You Run few hours and have a few people Camping the Mission Spots to kill every bot that tries to do Missions.

When you have the Numbers to win a War, then you also have the Numbers for that.

That works as long as you focus solely on it. They have multiple bots running the missions 24/7. You can’t compete.

You like to make up anything to push your failed agenda


they dont have to ban them . just force pvp on always on bots , and make the bots full loot pvp…

and we got a bunch of loot goblins we can hunt down . make it fun for us .
make it suck for bots

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Maybe not on your server… but other servers yes, yes the have…

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Its got far worse than before, I think botters know little or no action is being taken.
Agree its ruining the game


Sounds like you need to win it back or move to another town. I mean lots to choose from.

Without a server mentioned, im calling BS


While we’re all at it, which server and city?

Fake news until you provide actual verifiable data.

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