Bots and more bots and more bots!

I cant harvest anything on our server the amount of bots has increased. its crazy im about to quit the game because of it. i see the same ones everyday it does nothing to report them.


Soon the game will be bot world

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I send reports to more and more bots, but they are still running. In my list there are already more than 50 bots that seem to get to level 60 without any problems.

yup, I have a channel on youtube specifically for uploads so I can see if they view reports sent via website, funny enough, they don’t.

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IM still seeing the same bots its been 9 days wth

I think im done with this game

The developers are completely incompetent, the reporting system does not work completely, the bots have been alive for two months…
English is not my first language, so it may contain errors, sorry

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jokes on you… remember pubg when player count dropped ???.. AGS all along never banned them because well you can figure it out … why all your gold was poof to crafting and that market was always full no one you know can farm that amount but yet there it is …

its because amazon is making money off it every time any of them get banned they buy the game again

thats just 10% of the mooney cycle

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