Bots are running rampant

Bots, bots and more bots.

You have PvP mission bots
You have Gathering bots
You have Leveling bots

The reporting system does nothing. Unless a company mass reports you to keep you out of a war. Or get you temporarily banned.

These bots are virtually known almost by name on our server. You can toss a name out in Global and people will so “Oh that’s the Starmetal Bot in Cleave or the Wyrdwood Bot in BW”.

I’ve even seen level 60 bots which is further proof nothing is done. I would strongly estimate 10-15% of this games population is strictly bots.

Here is my favorite Battle Bots in Brightwood. all running the same location, all with jibberish names, all running hatchets (Defy Death bailout), all without a faction, all doing sharp jagged movements.

Enjoy! I’ll try to regularly update this with the clusters of bots I run into.


Yes they are check this out as well

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The developers are completely incompetent, the reporting system does not work completely, the bots have been alive for two months.
English is not my first language, so it may contain errors, sorry


Thank you, this is just very sad and unfortunate. Falls on deaf ears it seems.

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It looks like the same type of bots I’ve been reporting on Yggdrasil. Same area, also factionless. I’ve noticed them when they were level 40. Two days after they hit level 60 they moved out. They are still online just not sure where.

Bots are ruining the economy on my server. They’re camping Orichalcum spawns and running routes outside almost every major city. They’re driving the prices behind almost all basic crafting materials. They’re wrecking the game and reporting them doesn’t seem to work. Seen the same group outside Windsward for two weeks now and nothing has been done.

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I’ve completely given up on reporting them because there are so many and they go unbanned for so long. Based on observation there are ban waves, the problem is these waves are too infrequent or AGS is unable to keep up. My block list of reported players all drop to offline status the same day & I never see them online again.

Even the developers have abandoned fishing in this game because of bots. I mean my god look at the Aptitude reward for fishing. :rofl:

For crafters, there is one upside. The prices of some raw materials remain low because of them.

Even the developers have abandoned fishing in this game because of bots.
I mean my god look at the Aptitude reward for fishing.

Aptitude reward for fishing? Did not hear about it… :rofl:

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