BOTS AT IP ban them please

We have been running chest runs and mass reporting these bots who have been here 24/7 for the last 3 weeks now. They never move they just sit here. They say mass reporting works in the dev video clearly it doesnt. Like this is the most basic and obvious form of botting. How has these two bots been here for 3 weeks. This is pluto BTW


Same thing going on in Camelot server haha same place even been trying to get this AFK macro miner booted for months Still macro mining away. - YouTube but even sending video strait to AGS does nothing.

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Not sure if you noticed man, but Richard Bums needs to be revived.

On topic though… sadly these bots have been a problem since alpha and beta with no fix for them. I see more and more bots than I ever have though now after I logged in to play after quitting 1 month after release. Probably wont stick around, maybe log back in when some other content update happens.

same thing at evonium…

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