Bots! Bots! and more Bots!

Bots are now everywhere with impunity it seems. One of the last working things to do in this game is now impossible to enjoy. Its becoming comical to try to play.

There is a bot on every single Iron/starmetal/wyrdwood route.

There are 2-6 bots on every single fishing hotspot.

There are now bots coming into OPR.

This is really where you can see Amazon’s failure. Its not the bots themselves so to speak. Its the fact that these bots have leveled all the way up to 60 purely off of fishing and mining. Which means they have existed since launch and AGS has done nothing.

What can you even do in this game at this point?

Can’t do myrk because its just a zerg crapfest where you ignore all content and just loot chest.

Can’t do dungeons because the requirements are 6 hours of farming for 1 orb.

PVP is just hot garbage of GA/WH spam.

Bots now run all routes…Now you can’t even farm.

So we sit in town and stare at the auction house wondering what could of been with this game.


On my server there are same bots on same spots every day. We have reported them dozens times and they are still doing their thing lol



Since the merge on bouniema harvesting is a difficult task since there tons of bots and they just keep running round n round trying to collect even on empty nodes…

Hard for legit players to get motes etc etc and sadly prices in AH for these items is still stupid high.

Something needs doing cause it is sad as hell when you got lvl 40 bots running around…tells me they been here for awhile or a legit player decided fk it and started using a bot program to compete with the other bots…


the second month, and they are still farming…

The developers are completely incompetent, the reporting system does not work completely, the bots have been alive for two months.
English is not my first language, so it may contain errors, sorry

Raise awareness guys , keep bumping these threads they will eventually work on this (i hope).

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We even got bots AFk farming ori nodes now at the AFK spots where you mine some nodes and wait for them to respawn like…24/7


the bots will soon be the only life on the servers as its getting to the point like most infestations making the game virtually unplayable, I used to report every bot I came across but after seeing the same bots day after day after day I no longer see the point as there is nothing done about them

i swear i reported these bots so many many times.but they still alive and lvl up to 60lvl. :sweat_smile:
yggdrasil should be change server name to
sry for my bad english, im just so angry for these sh1t.

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I watch two fishbots in my blocked players since the merge, they are always online and camping secret pearl hotspots… one is even hiding in a rock and knows how far to be from enemies before they return. The other is bit dumber and I can get it aggro killed, but it is super annoying to see them every day online, every day botting and the reports ignored.



It’s insane. One can google for NW bots. Join a discord. And immediately get a bot for $15, and then RMT the gold and make a profit.

AGS cannot detect these bots because they run on Virtual Machines. We need GM’s on servers who manually intervene based off these player reports and ban accounts on the spot.

I firmly believe 10-15% of the population numbers on high pop realms are bots.

YT video that exposes a bot program (not a link to actual bot, just a YT video of their “help” tutorial setting it up)


The bots are out of control. AGS doesn’t do anything about them despite lip service.

There’s bots that have been reported for months by many people, and now the bots have grown up to level 60 bots. I didn’t care so much if it was just trees and low-level wolves for rawhide, but now bots are in 3-star secret fishing spots or farming orichalcum continuously. I saw one bot in area around 5 orichalcum veins for more than 12-hours a day for weeks. Many have reported, nothing happens.

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Been seeing alot of bots lately on my realm, Perseus EU.
They are around lvl 40, running between diffrent farming spots, then back to town and straight to Trade post. Allfast have random letters as name “kjjfsfl” and are in no faction. They seem to be online 24/7 aswell.

More people should report them when they see then, and developers should take a look into their behavior and come up with countermessures, becasue i bet they are screwing up the economy in a way, and they are probebly made to sell gold later on.

always were

its getting to bad with bots. two weeks ago i was able to farm about 1k - 2k orchi, now same route same time frame i get about 50ish. is AGS just saying use a bot program to farm? idk i am almost done with this game until they can fix bot issue. i can handle most of the bugs. but bots are destroying it for me. thats my rant for the day.

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My block list looks the same as I have lots of bots I have watched level from like lvl 10 to lvl 40+ by botting nodes and while some go offline now n then they are always right back…i’s frankly ridiculous.

At this point it is clear that AGS is profiting from bots/gold sellers. Just put gold in the in game store, going rate is $1 =1kgold according to the constant spam that goes unaddressed. Then AGS doesn’t have to pretend to want to stop them and players don’t have to put up with the bots and constant spam in chat.

My block list looks the same as I have lots of bots I have watched level from like lvl 10 to lvl 40+ by botting nodes and while some go offline now n then they are always right back…i’s frankly ridiculous.

Yeah, I didn’t know they weren’t doing anything until February. I just thought Feb. would be when they analyzed their tools. Not when they began to look into the issue as a whole…

Yes same Problem everywhere i think AGS support the bots, because no other reason could be, its easy to bann them but they won´t , so hopefully this game die