Bots, bots, and more bots

Yet again, the single worst thing about New World is the bots.

You can’t farm the higher level resources because they’re always contested.

You can’t farm the lower and mid level resources because there are bots EVERYWHERE.

Thought I’d farm some Hemp in Windsward this morning. Saw 4 bots in 5 minutes. No joke.

Seriously, ASG. What am I supposed to do about this? Farm 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000x Green/Aged wood because Young and Mature trees are the only resource numerous enough that bots can’t contest all of it? That gets boring really, really fast.

Can’t you guys do something about bots? How about listening to the player reports? Most of these bots have stupid names and following them to 2 nodes is enough to confirm their bot behavior. They aren’t making the slightest amount of effort to disguise their behavior because you guys don’t do anything about it.

It’s time to dedicate some resources to this problem, guys. Either that or it’s time to make every node a personal spawn for everyone, so that people can still get the resources they want regardless of how many bots are farming it.


It’s so so SO frustrating reporting hundreds of obvious bots or partly bot-using players over and over and over again just to see them still roaming around a week later or beeing replaced by one or two new ones that happen to be even in the same botting-company…

I am sorry Amazon, but I don’t want to be your “anti-cheat-software” any more!

Bots happen to be so advanced, you can’t event catch them by placing tents on there route any longer…


Have you tried mining normal rocks, maybe gather 5000 or 10000 of them and will take maybe 4 hours or more to gather, and then sell for a few coins in the trading post and you can buy a few of the stuff you wanted to farm yourself but coudnt because of the bots.

Have you tried reading my post, because I addressed that.

Yep, addressed it right there. I don’t want to farm that much of the base materials. It’s not worthwhile. Even if it was worthwhile, it becomes really boring really fast.

Yes, go and mine rocks and wolf hides, let the bots take care of the top tier resources… /s


Bots are killing the ‘fun’ in New World. Please, AGS, get rid of the bots.

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Please AGS - the bots are ruining the game!!!

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Yes, please fix the bot problem.

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