BOTS BOTS BOTS BOTS BOTS, did I mention your game is INFESTED with BOTS?!?!

Ohonoo server, East Coast, US

Reported 62 BOTS today. I’ve saw 10x more BOTS outside of towns than I have legit players.

I dunno what you are doing over at AGS, but if you are having problems understanding what a BOT is, then login to a GM account, PM me and follow me around. I’ll show you dozens upon dozens of them in less than an hour.

I’m losing patience, these BOTs are hogging resources, screwing up the economy and artificially inflating server population numbers.

There are bots surrounding every major trading town, they are harvesting ore, motes, food, trees, rocks. There are higher level bots in the 40s-50s that are in areas like western Brightwood slaying corrupted mobs in the woods 24/7. They are running PACKS of bots in the same area so the mobs are culled and never have a chance to threaten a single bot.

These bots DETECT mobs and run at them, they will peel off from mobs if a real player attempts to kite the mob away and pull the BOT from its automated farm route.

These bots will detect if a player has already engaged a mob and will refrain from jumping onto the same mob a player is fighting.

These bots will kill boars, skin them and move along to the next boar. Check the starter area beaches, there are packs of bots farming boar that respawn quickly. They are pulling in tens of thousands of raw hide per hour.

How about doing something about these reports, ehh? Else you’re game is going to be full of BOTS in the world, and players will be only found in Outpost Rush.


Use the money from an invasion (30 min 600g) to buy those mats at .05 each or less cause of the flooded market. That’s a minimum of 12000 mats several times faster then you can farm it. This is not a solution or condoning the bots, just something to make it feel less troublesome? Especially considering how ridiculously grindy these professions are for how not-marketable their products are.

Seems like they could hire someone to take care of each region and do permanent bans on these people. At this point they need to do something or announce that it’s an acceptable activity for everyone to enjoy.


I am not joking, at all, when I state that if you leave town and run a loop around that town, you will come across dozens of characters in the game that are FULLY AUTOMATED 100%.

Exit town, and do a loop. Pick a character that is running around seemingly “doing stuff”. Follow that character and I bet you will find they make robotic like turns, they run up to node locations that are already harvested and they pause a split second and turn and beeline to the next.

Others are parked in groups of bots in mob spawns, the characters are overleveled for the area so they have little risk in death. They will repeat a circuit/loop over the area attacking mobs, looting and moving on to the next mob spawn location. You can Kill Steal them, you can tag mobs before they get to them but the BOTs are intelligent, they will not pursue a mob you tag and try to kite away. These bots stick to their paths and will not stray too far.

You have bots that are hoarding all resources in the game, players are mostly only doing Outpost Rush and Invasions/Wars to get gold, and the players are purchasing the materials from these bots.

The bots are then selling RMTing the gold online to real money payers and the cycle continues. YOUR GAME IS INFESTED WITH BOTS! Action must happen immediately to punish these accounts with permanent bans and these bans need to be made public for all to see. Link to STEAM ACCOUNTS for GAMEBAN, post the offenders on a webpage dedicated to bans. Shame them, deter future botters and cheaters.

Hell make it worse, connect with Valve and issue VAC bans against these botters entire Steam Account so they lose everything!


If AFK is still a thing in Outpost Rush then I’m fully expecting bots to be trained to queue and AFK repeatedly. But probably that’s not profitable at the moment because in lower-pop servers there isn’t enough population to get even one Outpost Rush launched.

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I am on a high pop server, and YES the bots are in Outpost Rush too. These are not really the RMT/Gold Farmer bots, but more so just players who don’t give 2 FKUCS that Que up enter and AFK with an anti-afk macro laying in the tall grass somewhere just for the reward, win or lose.


On my server there are same bots on same spots every day. We have reported them dozens times and they are still doing their thing lol. No bans at all.

Not only these characters need to be permad, but also all the main accs which benefit from them via money/resource transfer. Otherwise it will kill the game


Are you joking?

bots farm shit to make gold
bots get gold from sold shit

you are telling him to bulk buy bot shit to solve the bot issue



I’ve seen the high level mob farming bots as well. They’ll do random 180 spins, going directly at the next mob, the pattern as well as their actual ingame names definitely suggests bot activity. I report them daily too now that I transfered to a higher pop server. Thats why after they do the merges and maybe finally fix this bot issue (looking doubtful) we need atleast one more free server transfer at the end of all of this. Only if there is an end. The outside world is full of bots and the town is just full of people doing nothing but hoarding around the trading post. Like I can’t even see my pop up to interact with the TP there are so many people just standing there for hours, doing absolutely nothing. Probably not bots but the high population servers even are pretty much dead. Afk players and bots, thats all we got in this joke of a mmo

Maybe they could have made dynamic node spawns or at least a little less static/predictable than they currently are.


need new protection against bots, the current anti-cheat does not work


I would really love to see how much of the player population is bots ATM.

Can confirm this, Muspelheim is infested with bots

Imagine you have 40 robots, Population will not be an issue

BOTS on dead servers are the lifeline, for the dozen or so ‘stuck’ players that transferred to that dead server prior to it being dead… RIP

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Quit whining

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Hey ! Just un update.

Bots i had recorded are still in game and fish like hell.

I stop playing this game until this bot will be banned.



On the European server hellheim, you can no longer pharma on any starmetal route of these bot’s are everywhere, extraordinary by many, and no one does anything to ban them! the game becomes impossible to play! Although they have hundreds of daily reports, they are still on these routes and more!