BOTS BOTS BOTS BOTS BOTS, did I mention your game is INFESTED with BOTS?!?!

OMG, stay away from NW please. There are tons of games like mir4 for people like you man, leave us alone.

Man, the game is getting extremely boring because of this infestation of bots. I’m taking a week away from the game. Because it sucks.

this games economy breeds bots, the lack of gold thru non TP means…aka killing things vs trading post spam…leads to tons of bots for gold selling…

such things as orbs and refining mats make things like buying gold very profitable for bots…yes a great measure is remove orbs(as massive players would love) as well and remove refining mats or allow said mats to me crafting (crazy right??) would help the crazy need for gold buying and also kill bots in one fell swoop

Whats crazy is AGS has really never made a statement about getting rid of bots. It’s like they want them to farm gold and sell it to lazy players. They want them to keep the total player count high. They have actually done more to the casual players by taking away over wolfs minimap node location away from players than have dont in getting rid of the bots.

the second month, and they are still farming

The developers are completely incompetent, the reporting system does not work completely, the bots have been alive for two months.
English is not my first language, so it may contain errors, sorry

yep really guys keep bumping on the bot threads its ur right to do so, this way we raise more attention and these devs only work on isssues that draw alot of attention it seems.

Take forever from the game dude. New world sucks. They desperately need some pve content like big pve addons with hundreds of hours of entertainment cause pvp is just a musket aimbot orgy

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There are OPR bots also that go off and get contribution healing and damaging themselves in order to farm coins.

I’m seeing the same ones do it over and over again. They seem like purchased accounts since they are all level 60 but probably cheap because of the number of people that have left the game.

I’ve reported them but nothing so far.

Atleast the game sale ends today so anyone bots that wanted to bot will already be botting. Saw one on trees and even bugloss weeds… a other one is fishing 24/7 and is almost 60 now, grats?!@#$… I guess all the starmetal and original nodes were not enough… Hopefully after AGS sells enough copies of the game at -25%, they might address this issue. Unless they are also profiting from the gold sellers running all the bots, then it is just a feature of the game I guess. Like an NPC that never interacts and keeps anyone from getting any resources outside of purchasing in the TP.

BOTS still here. Devs not paying any attention to reports. Guess the devs like Bots.

Yeah we still have the guy in the boat with orichalcum, 24/7 since before Christmas. AGS does not care, assuming they are profiting from the bots/gold sellers at this point. I know for a fact he has been reported 100’s of time, day global chat convo. everyone on server knows.

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I just found a bot today doing a insane profitable mote route in Great Cleave. Running most likely 24/7 but cant be sure. He’s level 60 and also reacts pretty effective to mobs using basic atacks. (low level mobs), he even uses health potions.

What is the most viable way to speed up the ban process of these bots?

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I have reported thousands of bots over recent months and the next day they are still running around, I have gotten to the point that I do not report them anymore as I know nothing will be done about them, I will continue to play until such time as the bots make the game totally unplayable

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Yesterday i found 1 very clever bot running a very profitable mote route in Great cleave. Today i woke up, logged into the game, the same bot is still online doing the runs probably now for 24 hours and on top of that, i found a new bot with very similar behavior checking up close the already harvested nodes all the time. So 2 bots doing the same route and level 60, how long does it take for you to detect them AGS? Untill they reach level 120?

AGS clearly does not intend to deal with bots or gold sellers. Making it impossible to craft, nothing added to the game matters until they stop this.

They already close all bot related topics with info to use the ingame report system.

But its a fact every bot i reported is still grinding and thats the reason everyone mades a topic.

So. Just go one and spam the forum.

This is out of control and ags simply dont know what they can do against the bots. Otherwise we wouldnt have this conversation.

Yeah forum posts closed too, bot/gold sellers are like fight club I guess. Not allowed to talk about it, just chop trees and sell the green wood until you can buy their mats I guess. AGS will continue to ignore/condone them.

I just found 2 new bot characters today…and i’m not even trying. Just pay me to get the job done i will get rid of them for you since you, pretty much, don’t care at all.

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Hi, I found this 6 players in a bot behavier just killing moster no company no faction and ignoring all interactions. Location Great Cleave - Slumbering Echos

girlfish, w beard, face id lock, blackbtc

I reported in another post and 72h after they are still there doing the same thing, wtf? Nobody does anything.