BOTS BOTS BOTS BOTS BOTS, did I mention your game is INFESTED with BOTS?!?!

Yeah forum posts closed too, bot/gold sellers are like fight club I guess. Not allowed to talk about it, just chop trees and sell the green wood until you can buy their mats I guess. AGS will continue to ignore/condone them.

I just found 2 new bot characters today…and i’m not even trying. Just pay me to get the job done i will get rid of them for you since you, pretty much, don’t care at all.

Hi, I found this 6 players in a bot behavier just killing moster no company no faction and ignoring all interactions. Location Great Cleave - Slumbering Echos

girlfish, w beard, face id lock, blackbtc

I reported in another post and 72h after they are still there doing the same thing, wtf? Nobody does anything.

even the bot can reach lv 60 the bot will always have no faction on it… so how long time bot to take lv 60 and ags never take action on it @Luxendra @TheLawRich

Uploading: Screenshot (10).png…

even some of them already running around 1 month ++ and more

Yes, Great Cleave botting is real. It’s probably on all servers now, bunch of random named 60s with same gear holding hatchets farming mobs over and over


on that spot right.?
lol i thought that only on valhala,i don’t understand why are they killing same mobs over and over… maybe they want to tell "ayyy look at me i can reach lv 60 just by botting " LOL.

Watched two bots today, their pathing was messed up. One ran into the ocean and drowned then respawned at its camp overand over again. The other ran into a wall and stayed there. I reported both obvious bots. 8 hours later both are still doing exact thing. Both had joined factions, this seems to be a trend.

Honestly, you’re going to have to learn to just ignore the bots. No matter how many times you report or post, new world isn’t really going to take action. We might get a lil bit of lip service, some closed threads, and maybe they’ll do a ban session for some PR.

It is sickening to see level 60 bots blatantly farming the most contested spots because they have no fear of getting banned. Have you no pride in your game? I am on a medium/low pop server and there are 5-6 bots in different open spots hitting starmetal/motes/ori etc for WEEKS straight and have not been banned. Sad to care so little about your own game. A live GM could solve the issue real fast.


YUP, that’s the spot. Hatchets and dodges like real people, I tried to pull tons of mobs into them and they were like thank you and killed them all lol

lol for sure most of them have no faction on it… you guys must see that spot in game for sure @Luxendra

same as me bro…on nov i found bot only on lower zone area like everfall and etc, so i dicide farming on high level zone doing well on the 1st week but after that lv 60 bot appear on my spot and i like “whatttt how come the bot can reach lv 60 without join any faction and not getting any ban”… they must be straight boting on lv 10 just by gathering can reach lv 60. @TheLawRich

Since the game requires you to gather resources in order to increase crafting skills. The latest updates says that you can increase your GS with a 600GS crafted item, but due to the well documented bot problem I cannot get to 200 in my crafting in order to make such an item. What is going to be the reimbursement for those of us who cannot gather the items we need due to the excessive amount of bot sthat are playing. I’m not going to buy items from a bot that I can gather myself.

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Meet Golden Alone. He is a bot who has bad path programming. I encountered this bot early this morning stuck under a bridge in Everfall. He was gone shortly thereafter. I cross the same bridge this afternoon and it has managed to trap Golden again. He does not respond to chat. He just frantically runs in place until his handler realizes that the bot is not earning his keep. At least his handler had the intelligence to name the bot something other than xftrugllll.

AGS loves bots. They make it seem like real people are playing the game, and they are the only people who are buying fresh copies of the game. Can you imagine what the steam charts would look like if all bots suddenly disappeared?

It would go down, then back up as people learned that they were actually doing something. What I do not understand, is they structured the game to make money out of the cash shop, but allow bots which makes even the most dedicated players eventually leave and lose more money that way. In my opinion you won’t make money from unhappy customers, and allowing bots only gives the short time illusion of high population until people figure out they have been duped, and it won’t last long.

Why not make money on mats you don’t need and purchase the ones you do. Your logic is stupid. Yea, the market is flooded due to the bots. I enjoy farming for mats and making gold on my sales. When mats are .05 gold, that’s out of the question. You’re probably one of the ones running the bots.

Everyone should just run bots so that it makes botting not profitable. Do this until AGS says they will be banning bots.

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Don’t think it hasn’t crossed my mind

The amount of bots that can be found is absolutely insane… In fact, I’ve made a quick gooble search like “new world bot issues” and the fourth link is already one to get your bots!! Really nobody is taking action into this?

As for the community / game management side, it should be so easy as get the activiry of the reported bots on a daily basis, you will see that they make the same interactions each day and Ban the Bot.

I just hope that they listen to the community, as it is frustrating enough to farm with plenty of people around and just have to bear with the bloody bots.