BOTS (Day 4 13 Apr 22)...why won't AGS even respond to the problem

OK AGS. Why won’t you even reply to all the complaints about Bots except for “use the Report option” in game? WHY? You want feedback…alot of us have been reporting daily, for months, on the smae Bots using the “Report” function and AGS REFUSES TO ADDRESS THE BOT PROBLEM. Care to reply AGS?

DAY 2: GiannisAte continues to be allowed to sit 24x7 at the Salt Hollow ori node on Maramma. Other bots are still roaming WF, WW, and EF. Reporting continues as does AGS refusal to act on this or even communicate with users on the subject. BAN BOTS NOW!

Day 3: GiannisAte is nowhere to be found. The bots in WF and EF appear to be fewer but I didn’t have much time to look around this morning. Promising but I’ve been fooled in the recent past. AGS STILL HAS NOT RESPONDED TO THE PLAYER BASE ON THE BOT PROBLEM.

Day 4: GianniaAte has returned, my hopes that AGS actually addressed the issue crushed once again. The bots do seem fewer on Maramma but AGS STILL HAS NOT RESPONDED TO THE PLAYER BASE ON THE BOT PROBLEM.

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Bots are a lot less prevalent these days so they obviously are doing something. But I’m not sure why specific bots seem to persist for a long time. I’ve seen it too. It would be helpful if AGS gave more info on these scenarios and if there’s something more players can provide or do.

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They seem to overlook the bots due to them counting as active players. /s off


They could provide some communications about bots.

Have a graveyard near the outposts where we can read the names of those banned :wink:

Remove banned players from friend/blocked list.

Remove players stuff from the Trade Post

But they wont, because the bots make the world look active.

I have a question about bots. Wouldn’t it be better to have a certain amount of bots to farm and keep certain prices of items in the market down? For exp - I remembered there being a surge of bots chopping trees down in MB and the green wood price was cheap. It help a player like myself who isn’t an owner of a terr and making millions or even part of a company in charge of a terr. I feel like it will also help newer players as well in not being so far behind and deciding if they would want to farm the mats or buy them.

Again, I’m no expert in this just a question/opinion.

If that was the case, they would have NPCs to buy resources from.
Bots contribute to RMT, and pay to win.


I dunno if they do that but banned players don’t show up in the social search

In addition to banning bots, they also need to get some investigators to track down people that are buying from them and permaban them as well.


There’s maybe a couple bots but compared to other MMOs I play I think NW is doing a great job at it… Aimbot is the real problem.

For those that do expeditions. zergs in Myrk, and OPR, they may never see a Bot.

Those that craft, and gather their own resources, see too many of them.

It is like me saying Aimbot is not a problem if you dont flag PvP.

I know Aimbot is a problem, it just does not affect the way I play.

I craft. 200 in every craft. I don’t gather 24/7 but when I do I don’t see any bots. It’s usually depleted ores. If I do see a bot I will report but can’t say I’ve seen people mining honestly, by the time I get there it’s already gone. I’d say AGS should increase the spawn time of the ores…

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You must be on a good server.

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They should auto sell their mats for 11 cents so that every 11 cent mat you see is cheap as fuck AND you know a bot got banned.

Idk… They WERE doing a good job. The RMT fucks are upping their game or something. I didn’t see any bots for a long time, now there’s at least 2 or 3 bots on a starmetal not route at any given time and then a multitude bots just camping Ori nodes and running between them.

You got it all wrong. The bots are actually AGS Bots, they are in the game to fix the server economy by increasing scarcity of materials. All the duping really hurt the game. AGS wont ban their own bots especially if only a few people notice them compared to the amount of people playing. Hell most people just run around not noticing thinking they are just other players.

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