Bots in opr? Eden

Farm bots are one thing but it as extremely annoying late night when im playing opr on Eden. Last night I had 6 bots on my team and the enemy team had about the same amount. What is the point of botting in opr? Also have the devs said anything about this? Is this a problem on other servers?

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Unfortunately, there are youtubers that are telling people to do the bare minimum in OPR in order to get contribution and still get a ruby gypsum. It’s destroying OPR and the team that has less of these “minimum contributors” is usually the winner.

I saw an ad for an OPR bot that claimed it could earn you 30k gold every 24hrs. It would queue up for you and everything. I’m guessing that’s why people do it.

Yup, at least one person had at least a couple dozen bot accounts running to play and cash in on OPR.

So someone spent north of a grand to buy accounts and level them all to 60 just to run them in OPR?

I hope they add some new pvp modes that are pvp-only and none of this pve stuff.

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Twitch this is a clip of my stream I followed them in EDEN to see where they went the end up down on the beach doing little movements from one spot to another on the cliff

Pve side is the problem. Easier to get points doing pve instead of pvp.

Should be the other way around.

They level them through gather botting.

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