Bots, levelling and zeroing trade skill XP

If trade skill XP were zeroed – no XP for gathering a node, no XP for Town Board missions involving turning in materials – bots would be much lower level.
They’d have to automate doing quests or farm kills.
This would mean

  • more bots concentrated in lower level areas, making them easier to find
  • bot stacks trying to level by killing mobs, which is easier to spot (?) than bots running a farming route
  • bot stacks doing quests, which are easier and more obvious
  • bots having less access to higher-tier materials in higher-level zones because of the level difference compared to the mobs

By concentrating bots and making them more obvious, surely AGS can catch more with less investigation.

Levelling is already pretty fast with questing, there’s no reason to further increase it with chopping trees and chipping rocks.


I noticed today that the gatherers road orichalcum run has no beasts, creatures, or enemies of any kind blocking a character that was able to get there. So I watched a level 40 farm the route this morning in Edengrove. lv 50-60 Technically anyone with the mining skill can farm that route unhindered.

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