Bots not getting banned, player count decreasing day by day

Nice pilpul rabbi but I can see right through it. You have said nothing of value or substance.

This was the issue people had with ‘it’s coming in February.’ Well, yes, but the game is impacted now. Unfortunately, that soured experience is what’s gonna stick with people.

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No it wouldn’t. You see bots in key places, not around the whole map. You see many more players in the settlement than bots & you see players all over the whole map, not just in the bot spots.

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I have no idea why you’d call me a “pupil”…is that an insult where you come from? Pointing out that what you are saying is complete dribble is indeed something of value. It’s an effort to let people know what you are saying simpleton thinking…and not to do the same thing.

If you dont have time to play an MMO properly then you need to find another game, or play it as intended (you shouldnt be trying to short-cut everything), Earn your gear, gold etc. Bots and gold selling websites are 100% ruining the game. They are “catching players up” to levels that they dont deserve to be at, they are funding companies to take over the map (poor server health), they are devaluing the TP, they sell at the lowest price listed on the TP so players can list valuable items at 1 gold - wait for the bot to list - say orichalcum ore at 1 gold - and buy at 1 gold and sell at the actual value, and they are mining/farming all nodes making the game frustrating for players who are playing within the rules.


And once they do and raise taxes, how will players pay for their houses? RMT of course!

Undercutting is not relevant because resources are in fact for all intents and purposes infinite as long as supply exceeds consumption.
What they are ultimately looking for is IRL money from RMT sales.
A new player coming into the system would see stupid low prices and right then there’s a temptation to buy RMT. In short order you can get all your crafts levelled up because the resources to do so are cheap… if you pay some IRL money to get ahead right now and massively so compared to going out and watching your new toon chip away at a rock.
Then players don’t even bother going to compete for nodes, leaving even more for bots to gather.

And the more grindy the game, the more justification players will feel in buying RMT coin to buy bot goods to “catch up quickly”.
Solo players gated by group content they can’t get help for and new PvP players trying to enter the system and feeling they need better gear now but facing weeks or months or grind – all these systems further encourage RMT.

The underlying issues are the game isn’t fun enough to re-play over and over; and established players are too far ahead to catch up with yet there’s no intermediate content for new players to play to play, e.g., Overland PvP or instanced PvP without a league system to sort players. Newbs get pitted against established players with the best gear – there’s basically no point for new players to start. Unless they can catch up, and then there’s RMT to the rescue, right?
Meanwhile Overland PvP dries up more and more and they cry for more incentives or to force players to play. All addressing the wrong underlying issues.

Bots, just like all other forms of cheating and exploitation, have a ripple effect to eventually affect everything on the whole server.

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Report them once and move on.

I farm particular areas routinely every day at different times. Recently I started only reporting them in a certain area. I haven’t seen them in that area for days. Either they were banned, or the botter moved to a different area, not sure.

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Check this out. First time I’ve seen AGS mention “bots” and “fix” in the same sentence.


They’re going to sit on their hands and take too long to fix things; then their player base is going to get tired of it, move on, and never look back.

Currently we’re just slaves to the gypsum/gearscore grind. That’s it. That’s the content… oh, and those pay to play dungeons.


Ever think the reason player count dropping each day cause bots are getting removed?


Uh… :grimacing:


Yeah… it’s like they want them in the game or something.
They are not taking them very seriously, thus making any AGS game FUTURE look bad. They should really stop the bots…
Amazon is a rich indulged company that doesn’t really think full heartily about anything. I worked for their warehousing department, and it was the same shit. I stand before 30 people losing their jobs, crying, and I was there to hold them. I don’t like most of what the company does, it is sickening…

AT THE VERY LEAST… Fix the damn BOT issue.

It isn’t hard, it is actually quite simple. Overthinking the procedures to ban an obvious bot are redundant and dumb. We all know who is an obvious bot(the player base) you also should be easily be able to detect them. I myself see the same damn bots roaming around for it seems decades. GET RID of them.

Sure they will come back, but be persistent, and not dumb about the manner, and they will be gone for the most part.
Pay someone the minimum wage to delete them. This is NO hard task.

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You notice AS USUAL not a single dev has said jack shit about this situation along with the countless bugs STILL being reported on. ASG AND the devs could give 2 shits less about actual players and it shows in their lack of communication and lack of actions both and a Feb Bot month is so damn laughable I almost wet myself BWHAHAHAHAHAHA

So you believe there’ll be enough players harvesting most resources on the server 24/7 and putting them up for sale non-stop, to be equivalent of what bots harvested and sold? Bots timing and routes are very optimised and they run non-stop, often multiple bots on the same route.

I truly believe there aren’t many players who’ll harvest to sell on the TP, I actually think it’ll be almost no one doing it. Anyone harvesting will often be doing it for themselves like my friends and I used to back in the early days. The only people harvesting in my group of two companies (150~ players) are those that have yet to max out their refining/crafting skills, they do not sell those resources on the TP.

The best case in my eyes will be a massive reduction of resources on the TP compared to now and demand will become much larger then supply. While some people might swap over to gathering to sell, it won’t be many because it isn’t something fun to do for the majority of players at max level.

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While true, I know a LOT of players who’d stop playing if they couldn’t RMT. It exists in every MMO because there is a market for it, casual and rich players who just want to do what they want with the time they have to play instead of grinding up gold. The bots also exist and are a bigger problem in NW because of how NW is designed. If nodes were lootable by everyone on a CD, bots would have less influence, for example.

RMT is definitely in more demand when the systems are more grindy.
So AGS increasing grind (e.g., for levelling Crafting) simply increases demand for bot goods and RMT money to buy those bot goods.
It’s all interconnected.

But companies can at least make a legitimate avenue by allowing players to trade cash shop currency for in-game currency, and selling certain things themselves.
Games like Blade and Soul sell upgrade materials in the cash shop and let players trade cash shop currency for in-game gold. Hasn’t destroyed the game. There are casuals taking their own time, there’s enough solo content for everyone, and there are still players doing dungeons and raids to earn their stuff if they want.
What I don’t see there is people complaining about RMT or P2W.

If you’ve seen any recent posts on NW forums or NW reddit about other game options like Lost Ark for example, you’ll see the non-stop ranting about P2W (pay2win), even though the game itself isn’t pay2win, it’s just got some minor convenience options for those that pay. It seems the vocal minority for western games views anything more then “cosmetics” in the shop as pay2win. In Asia and other parts of the world they don’t care for the most part unless it’s really bad.

So for western audiences, there’d be a lot of vocal outrage if they let you effectively buy gold yourself with real money, even if it’s via the game store.

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Try having some on your blocked list that have been there for a couple months and have leveld to 50+ via only botting 24/7 or nearly.


So where’s the outrage here over RMT? RMT is basically pay to win.
And they evidently have a big market.

SWTOR and ESO and pretty much all games by Perfect World Entertainment have mechanics where you can legitimately convert cash shop currency into in-game currency.
Those eastern games get imported here and people still play. Blade and Soul is going on 6 years and continuing story and putting out new raids. Vindictus is 10 years and still putting out new classes even.

The “pay to win” complaints are basically by PvPers who want “fair matches”.
And there’s really only one way to make “fair matches”: A proper league system that sorts people into brackets where you have about a 50/50 chance of winning until you win too much and get pushed into the next bracket

Either way, as a player, you always feel you have a legit chance and an exciting match.
People can pay to win all they want but no matter when you started or how much you spent, you have exciting matchups.

That’s how a proper PvP game is set up.

So AGS was lying when they said they banned hundreds (thousands?) of bot accounts recently?it’s not that they have done nothing it’s just that cheaters are sadly better than devs when it comes to gaming. Look a war zone/pubg. Still full of hackers after all this time and it’s not like those companies aren’t trying to stop it.