Bots not getting banned, player count decreasing day by day

There is outage over RMT, it’s just bundled in with complaints about bots, just look through even this thread. And I did say it was a vocal minority who complain about it. It also depends on the game and how works, and how money is spent.

The funny thing is NW is pretty much pay2win. You can bypass the time gating of refining resources and tuning orbs by buying more accounts (or gold) and using their cooldowns. You can use those alts to spy on other factions or even companies, you can also use them as is the current big complaint at the moment to declare war on yourself from another faction to protect your own settlements.

They ESTIMATED 9000.
No MMO that reports numbers uses estimates, though IMO. I mean, like you can’t count? Or are you guessing?

Look at MIR4. Exact numbers and running total.
Bless Unleashed even lists account names.

  • It’s chilling to see game statistics every day

When you assert concepts like “there will be ‘enough’ people gathering mats,” you’re kind of missing the real mechanics of in-game economies, so I will restate the point.

It’s not quite right to think in terms of there being “enough” people gathering mats. Rather, there is a time invested-vs-benefit-gained dynamic that kicks in with any economy, be it real world or in a game. Prices are information in both the real world and in a game. People buy stuff off the Trading Post because they don’t want to go through the effort of crafting the stuff they buy – and they value the money they use to buy an object less than the object they are buying. Others value their time less than the resources they are gathering, and will trade their time for the resource.

Eventually, these forces will reach a point of equilibrium – the “Nash Equilibrium” – either in a game’s in-game economy, or in the real world’s economy. As prices for goods and services go up, it incentivizes people (or players) to meet the demand for those goods and services. The higher the price (the market signal), the more people (or players) will be incentivized to try to meet that demand. Likewise, as prices fall or the effort required to meet those demands increases, people (and players) are disincentivized.

The situation we are in now is that both of the variables in the supply side of the equation are heavily disincentivized for player-producers: on the supply side, the effort required to accumulate a worthwhile stash of marketable material is crushingly heavy due to bot pharming, while simultaneously the reward side is gutted as bots and their handlers liquidate their bot-harvested material as quickly as possible, which results in depressed prices.

It’s easy to see the dynamics of a bot-driven economy in the prices of Orichalcum and Asmodeum. Bots have been at it long enough now (or more players are resorting to bot-harvesting software) that Orichalcum ore is now flooding the market. And the price of the stuff has collapsed, with ore currently selling at around 2.4 coin per unit, and could well collapse even further. By contrast, Asmodeum is still hanging in there, more or less, at around 310-340 coin per ingot, because Tolvium and Cinnabar are rare drops off the nodes, and not as easily obtained by a bot. The new Expertise chests have introduced a new source of the two rare mats – and it’s not yet a way for bots to acquire them. So currently, an Asmodeum ingot’s currently selling for somewhere around 150x the price of a unit of Orichalcum ore.

If competition for a valuable resource goes down due to the elimination of mining bots, some players will be more likely to go on a mining/gathering spree simply because it’s now easier to make a buck. If prices go up due to decreased supply because bots have been shut down successfully, that will also draw more players into the supply game. And at some point, these conflicting forces – pricing and effort required – will create an equilibrium point. We have no way to predict where that equilibrium point will settle in as; but that’s the axiom of the Nash Equilibrium.

So we can see that it’s a gross oversimplification to say player production will be “enough” to meet demand. The goal is to let demand (expressed as prices) and supply find their own new equilibrium point.


Automated bot detector is already in game and works fine. Problem is with macro programs nowadays macro can do everything and they are free to download even keyboards or computer mouse have macro inside all u need to do is install drivers and here we go. In those players logs u wont find anything suspicious except that he was playing for 24h without rest.

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:)))))) “Automated bot detector is already in game and works fine” sure… thats why bot lvl55 from friday have lvl58 yesterday.


Did you read everything what I wrote ? Download any bot program and check it by yourself :sunglasses: You will get perma ban after 1-2 days. I have joined some bot discords and checked it. They are using macro programs, which are hard to detect, cuz this program just push buttons for you. I did not say there is no hacks or AI bots, even people from my company who get bored of this game used speed hack but he got perm ban after few hours. Problem is when people are using macro, this is a nightmare of MMORPG where you have sttic spots.


Can’t notice that. Our company just growing and growing and more people coming. So I can’t understand what this post are about?

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Oh no yeah that automated bot detector is really killin this level 46 Bot unable to rationalize moving backwards will get them unstuck from the standing torch as they run and jump in place.


As I have been saying in other threads…this game is around 80% bots. The game has failed on such a scale that even with mass changes, it will not be revived.

Just time to say GG and move on! Bots have won.

Well I guess you don’t realise AGS wants the bots… they even tell them to make new account to continue to sell gold after they get caught so the problem is only gona get worse.


Just recently logged in and was farming out in First light and came across one of the damn bots i reported over a month ago that was level 43 at the time…

The leader of the company that has this small fleet of bots won’t do anything either and refuses to acknowledge it and still recruits legit players to try help cover it up. Sick of it man.

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Saddens me. They are all over the place.


Press releases of all kinds of different subjects use “estimated” numbers all the time. That’s completely normal. They are literally banning people as they write the press release so the number is always changing.

My point was that the OP (and may others) keep saying AGS is doing “nothing” when that’s a lie. They are banning bots and lots of them but hackers and cheaters are a huge problem across all of gaming so dealing with them is not as easy as people think. It’s also made worse by all the false revenge reporting on real players so AGS has to sort through all of that first before banning to be sure it’s really a bot. It takes time and people and expecting them to have a giant room full of people doing nothing but bot catching 24/7 isn’t realistic.

Like everything, if it’s so easy the armchair critics in this and other threads should write a bot catching program and get rich. While you’re at it write a successful ant-cheat for Warzone. You could retire on that alone.

Like many of us have said they need in game GM’s to verify the bot reports when you report them, a program will not cut it.


I would like to know, to who these Bot-Companies sell their gold? Maybe there might be as many bots as players. Imagine a city with as many shops as citizens. Big business? Player numbers shrink and bots increasing. Makes no sense to me.

I assume many of the remaining players in NW are customers of these bot-companies. Business requires a market. No market, no sellers …? Thus if there were no players buying gold, there would be no bot-companies…
Or do the (often chinese) bot-companies fighting AGS/Amazon by making crouds of people quit? Well, a little bit of paranoia maybe, but…

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So you just ignored the rest of my post that said expecting every game to have a room full of people doing nothing but bot banning 24/7 isn’t a realistic expectation?

People act like this could be done with just a few people and it can’t. There are a lot of bots and every time you ban one that operator just makes a new account for another bot and on and on. Not to mention all the troll players that mass report just to revenge grief someone. So each bot report has to be looked at by a real person and the reported action reviewed to be sure it’s a bot and not a mass report. That takes time and man power.

Even if a real person could receive a report, check it for accuracy and ban the bot in 15 min that’s only 4 bots and hour. AGS estimates they banned 9000 bots. That’s 2,250 hours of labor. Not to mention those people need breaks, time off etc.

People love to complain but they seem to have no concept of time, cost and what’s a realistic amount of money a company should spend on this issue.

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As mentioned before, I think a fair amount of them are actual players with alt accounts who then trade gold/mats in game from their bot account to their active player account. A lot of the gold sellers you see advertising in chat are just scammers trying to get your credit card. They aren’t even selling gold in reality though I realize there are people that do sell it.

Who said it would need a full room of people doing this 24/7 , don’t be silly. Lots of games have in game GM that do this so not sure why you acting like this is some off the wall unreasonable expectation.

Only a fool thinks a program alone will do the trick… programs only catch the really stupid bots if even and if they make it too strict too many legit players get caught in the algorithm.

Maybe get a clue.

Believing everything AGS says like it is gospel is your main problem, I have bots, on my blocked list, called aslajsdhdf that have been operating nearly 24/7 since launch nearly and are level 50+ just from botting.

They have never been banned not once.

You speak and bemoan of too many armchair critics in the forums but what about armchair whiteknighters like yourself kissing ass left n right.