Bots On Uku Pacha

Not saying this isnt something you see in a MMO, but literally our markets are totally destroyed, things that shouldn’t be cheap are super cheap, and you have one whole company with amazing crafted gear. It was even mentioned in global by someone that his company removed him for telling the public about it.

I sent in reports of bots I see, so now I started to record it.

Literally you have one company swarming nodes, fishing holes and honestly some just stand in doorways. Why is there not a team purging this. It’s obvious, anyone posting can tell you. Most of the bots are sitting there, wearing base clothing, using base tools.

Also if you want videos I can send them to a community manager that is online. Since I dont know the policy on just putting people/bot name’s up for the general public.

Side note to anyone that sees a bot, if they are on the ground and you can pull aggro of anything to that bot do so from behind, so far I noticed they will swing from the front if attacked but dont turn around to defend.

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