Bots & Possible Quit of the game

I am here in the official Forum just to clear this up:

It’s been 100 times since I started to report this guy inside the game, like almost a month now…

I even made clips and sent to Forum’s community manager Luxendra, where she directed me to open a Ticket outside the game…

Today I went fishing again, and the guy was there… like everyday… I even made some clips, than I agroed some mobs to kill him, and the mobs pushed him where I realized his bait was hitting the rock… so he will be there the entire day, throwing bait on the rock… and I reported this guy for 1000 times… even while streaming on Twitch…

I SWEAR TO GOD. if this guy is still in the game until next weekend, I will QUIT New World once for all. I don’t care about new upcoming content, I don’t care if they put ANY new weapon in the game… If I see this guy next weekend inside the game. I will Quit. Forever.

It sucks to feel that I am doing more for the game by killing these botters with mobs, than the triple A company that owns the game. Seriously.


Best Regards,


AGS Priorities! We know there’s a Dev Vlog coming soon, but it’s missing priorities.

Put Moderators, GM, into the game so that these cases are priority.

What ruins the game is the person putting a robot to make content and not being punished for it.

And the delay is already long. It’s been 03 months of game and still having the same problem for 03 months.

I love the game, but the basics need attention.

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