Bots ruining the game

Please do something about all the gd bots, this is ridiculous you want us to grind let’s say a million motes but we have to compete with 20 bots who have wiped out everything in sight. There’s no waiting them out because they are always on. It doesn’t do any good to report them because you guys are too busy adding stupid ass shit to the game instead of fixing what’s already in it. I personally love this game, but you guys are fucking up. Get your heads out of your asses and do something. With all due respect

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They don’t care. They need to login numbers to inflate their metrics to keep the game going. The gold buying and duping has ruined the game. There are way too many players running bots generating income 24 hours a day while the rest of us get hosed trying to abide by the rules.


I agree but maybe if we talk enough shit they will do something

Something like 5 new bot posts in feedback today alone. No dev post today. I guess they go the day off. Nothing over the weekend. They just don’t care. Maybe they know it is over.


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