Bots running pvp missions

Server: Nolandia

We have bots running pvp missions on Nolandia - US East. They are running out of windsward. Most of them are lvl 11. They just keep running the same path, we kill them, and then they respawn and do it again. They don’t seem to fight back, just run the same path. Please send help!


I’ve seen farm bots and fishing bots, but they’re gone for now atleast at my server. But PVP bots? D: Please, no…

Yeah… we had to send people out to check all the territories and set up kill squads where bots were discovered. We have camps set up to catch them where they flag and then we kill them. It’s dumb. There are 3 or 4 different bots, each bot runs the same path.

Depending which bot it is, it runs into the cluster on the left or the right and then we kill it.

And unfortunately, our server is low pop, so nobody knows how long they were doing this before we figured it out. Influence is at 54% so they may have been at it a while.

Same has been happening on Yaxche, bots running pvp mission in Restless. They have random names and clearly follow a set path, and don’t fight back.

This could turn into a big issue. Territory influence getting pushed mostly by bots, then someone swoops in and does just enough to declare. Or people not knowing it was pushed by bots and pushing it and declaring.

It’s also a problem for the economy. If they are able to do missions without people stopping to camp and kill them, that means they get tokens, buy runes of holding and sell those.

We reported the bots for over 5 hours today and they were still going up til the server shut down. I really don’t have any suggestions to fix this, either. At least none that don’t also bone legit players.

They need to find a way to either ban the bots faster or do something to mess up their scripting. I admittedly know nothing about scripting or bots, so I don’t even know that’s possible.

Pluto had this. it was old fishing bots I saw back then and i managed to report them and havent seen any since then. please report them and they will disappear as they are very dependent on leveling up to sell the account. back then they could bot whenever for free with family share. get them banned and they have to spend 40 bucks on a attempt to level a account that can get banned within a week

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