Bots stealing my weed

I estimate about a third of the players at night are bots, as you can see 20-30 in every low-level area of FL, MB, WW, and other regions. No mote, ore, hemp, wirefiber, silkweed is safe… bots, man, they are stealing my weed. :wink:

There are so many now, they are almost like a swarm of locusts, and efforts (if there are any efforts) are little to non-existence to thwart them. Reporting them doesn’t seem to do anything. It’s so pathetic, you can even see, for example, a person operating 8 bots, 5 of them active at once around Windsward.

So what is AGS doing about this? Because whatever efforts are in place now are quite obvious ineffectual. Many are wondering if reporting these will even matter, as bots have leveled to 60 without consequence despite numerous reporting when they were in their 20s. I suspect this will contribute along with other issues, to just not playing anymore for some.

NOTE to moderators, this post is not to report anyone, but rather to offer feedback on the current experience in the game and just how bad it is.

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Imagine the overall player count of the game, if they would ban ALL of the known bots…

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That is the single most fascinating question of all.

it by design so all those who own a city have a place to spend the hard earned cash that gets donated to the tune of more than they know what to do with!!!

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