Bots - They are a HUGE problem

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Yeah they are pretty useless brother, we kept an eye on all bots we reported via the block menu and most are still around.


No developer does, anymore. They depend on detection algorithms to smash bots, but AGS doesn’t seem to have anything that can detect more than an autoclicker.

I mean, you’d think they could track players who have been online for 24 hours straight, in the same small area doing the same thing and just ban them. Or level 30+ with no faction and/or very limited PoI discovery (i.e., they’re always in the same small area.) Hell, there are level 30’s who have never left the newbie beaches…they just path in a loop killing the level 2 mobs for gold drops. How many weeks have they been there to get to level 30+ two XP points at a time?

It can’t be that hard, can it? Just set some parameters, smash anyone who meets them, and process the appeals.

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I hate them and have also posted about them AND report every single one I see yet NOTHING happens. So…at this point it seems they fully endorse this behavior. In that case, can anyone recommend a place where one can acquire these tasty bots? I mean, like kicking from invasions so company’s can have only their own people, or shutting down the economy while promising a make good and not delivering, or shutting down a trade like furniture crafting and ignoring please for help…seems tos if pretty flexible

The post was hidden for “witch hunting” and my fourms account was basically deleted with no information, was just gone kept trying to log in everyday kept getting the create new account screen and finally about 2 weeks later i finally was able to log back into my account.

The reason my account was in such a state was because after my bot thread was locked and hidden i created another post calling out the devs for doing nothing.

I lost access to the fourms for 2 weeks maybe little longer, wasnt fun.

Idk if youll be able to see it but here is my thread

I cant confirm if they removed these bots ive shown but i havent seen them around so they may have taken care of these one so thank you for that devs

But ive seen atleast 20 different bots since and it really pisses me off but ive just come to realize even if they remove some more will come. Idk what they can do about that.

Was farming azoth water in reekwater the other day and had a level 11 bot farming azoth water and some motes around the area. I tried to get the bot killed but i couldnt find a single add close enough to this bots route…

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Idk. The bots are some servers revenue. Until we get merges, speak for yourselves.

On Mag Mell, it is impossible for ocean fish in Restless because literally every hotspot has a bot that has been camping it for weeks, and I have reported them daily.

What I cannot figure out is why AGS lied to the players saying bots are being banned in a dev post, when players obviously see the same bots running the same circuits, and being reported multiple times daily. Do they think that the players are so stupid as believe bots are being dealth with, when the players can see they are not?

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Logged in again today.
Still saw the same bots.
Still reported them.
Guess I’ll see these bots again tomorrow.


Report does nothing, worse then bots are hackers, I saw a guy with some speed hack flying doing chest farm in SM, reported twice and nothing, still in game happy and farming.

I always friend them and add their names to a document on my desktop. That way I can keep tabs if they ever go offline. To date after literally 100’s of bots reported not a single one has ever went offline (banned/deleted). They come on these forums and straight up lie to us that they are banning/deleting the bots. Our reports are sent directly to spam/trash folders never even looked at.

Those that claim they simply can not get rid of the bots are absolutely wrong.

When a bot report comes in it should instantly be looked at. Is it taking a set route. Is it stopping at every node even if the node is not up. Is it trying to harvest empty nodes? This is a bot. Delete it. Than poll the database for EVERY transaction that account has made. The account it sends gold to is the bot handler. Delete that account. Now poll the database for every transaction from the bot handler. This is the player buying gold. Delete that account.

Once people realize the chances are high their accounts will be deleted for RMT they will stop risking it. The RMT sites wouldn’t be making any money and would go the fuck away.


Yup, that’s all you can do. Here is my step by step list of what I do when I encounter a bot.

  1. Make sure it’s a bot. Level - name - movement - no faction - etc.
  2. Report bot.
  3. Block bot.
  4. Move on with my business.

This is all you can do as a player.

The bots/gold sellers ARE Amazon. I mean they can’t put gold in the cash shop cause that would be pay to win BUT they can infest their game with bots. AND as a side bonus it makes the population look larger than it actually is.

Seems to be one of the only explanations…the other being complete incompetency.


Why don’t you just have all your friends mass report?

People keep claiming the bans are automated. Shouldn’t be a problem to get rid of them?

Hemm this actually makes sense. I never thought about it but I wouldn’t put it past them. This would surely explain why our reports are NEVER acted upon. It would also explain why they come on these forums a directly lie to us that they are looking at the reports and acting on them. It’s obvious they are not as no reported bots ever go away.

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Except that it takes quite a few reports for the automated system to kick in, I think? Even still, you’d think that our daily reports would set off some sort of signal… but it isn’t. and I think thats part of the problem here.

I guess reports are just console logs :sweat_smile:

Seeing bots be used unhindered means this game has a short life span if Amazon won’t pay 1 person 20$ an hour to process the bans.

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On Mag Mel, in Restless, there are 4 fishing bots that have basically shut down the ability to find open hotspots for ocean fishing. Day after day after day, I see them just fishing away, and they have reported day after day after day, yet AGS does nothing.

Why did AGS even give the ability to report them if AGS is not going to do anything? Did AGS think that the players would be satisfied with having unheard reports? If anything, adding the ability to report bots and having the reports ignored is even more infuriating for the players, especially when AGS makes reports that bots are being banned. Do they think that players are not going to see the same bots, doing the same things, day after day after day, in spite of AGS saying they are being banned.

Not to mention that these bots are flooding the market with goods, ruining the “players driven economy”, and funneling the coins to RMT accounts that embolden them to spam chats with coins for cash messages.

It is like AGS is determined to prove to players that they can fail to do anything correctly.

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Amazon is probably running the bots and the gold sellers. You know Bezticles is shady AF and loves ruining economies.

Go to any newbie beach and watch lvl 20+ bots roam between Lost spawns, killing them instantly on respawn.

Its pretty interesting.