Bots - Why are you not doing anything about this

Let’s be simple and plain here. There are areas of the game that have no NPC spawns and these areas are over-run by bots.

The bots aren’t even trying to hide it. With names like kalikd and jlaksk and fdas.

Easy solutions that don’t require you to increase staff to deal with it:

  1. Place more NPCs around on nodes.
  2. Make it so the game has you randomly pull out your weapon every 2-3 minutes so that players can body block them and break their botting.

Solution that is easy and requires only minimal input: Hire one person… whose sole job is to respond to bot report requests. Should be a simple matter for a person to go through and play wack-a-bot. Ya know… pay me 12 dollars an hour and I will do it for you.

Bet you I can cut at least 1,000 bots a day. Give me IP ban and we can all but destroy the bot problem.

Doing nothing though eh?

Because they don’t care. They say they do, but their actions prove otherwise.

Dupers are the example. They literally told us they only permabanned the “most egregious” ones. So, what they are truly saying is that if someone didnt dupe in a “egregious” way, it’s ok and wont get a permaban.

Every patch they release only creates new bugs and sources of explotation (and most of the time they don’t even fix what they say they were fixing).

Why would they care about bots? They don’t care about anything related with the game. NW had been abandoned since release and it’s in maintenance stage.

Doesnt matter if the did with ergegious or not ? if they dupe sth accidentaly they dont deserve for perma bans, they will remove those items anyway so what is a difference ?

Why would they ban 2/3 of the active players?

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Bots are literally less than 2% of the player base.

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Answering to you because you posted it as questions.

You are adding information that is from you and not the official source. They didnt say “people that did it accidently wasnt permabanned”. That comes from your imagination. I am not saying it in a bad way… it is your assumption. Simple as that. I repeat that your questions are fair (I made them myself) so dont take this paragraph as negative.

They literally say the “most egregious”. What is “most egregeious”… well… I dont know… no one knows as they didnt say. They did say they permabanned 1650 dupers…

But we do know that if you duped in a non-most egregious way… its ok as they werent permabanned.

Resume: the answer to your questions is that we have no clue because they arent good in communication. But do remember: if you dupe, do it in a non-“most egregious” way!


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