Botters That continue to farm even after a full company has reported them

What do we have to do to get botters Banned. I have and my company has reported this one botter multiple times, yet we keep seeing them continue to bot. I would really like for a GM to contact me in-game so we can get this one botter banned permanently.


mat be he’s not a bot… may be a farmer…


Waaaaahahahaha… that made my day…

Common AGS just ban this guy lol

And I got a 24h bann because I called a griefer the P-Word (which describes a part of a girls body)

Thats Amazon.


This is just sad.

Joe Biden could see that that’s a bot, and Joe Biden is a bot himself.


It’s honestly sad that none of the Mod’s or Dev’s have piped up and talk to us about this Botter. I still see the botter online. What more do they need to ban this player


My thinking is they don’t immediately ban gathering bots because there is a point to watching what they do. Take reported bots and datamine their activities. Where are they operating? Check that area for more bots. Who do they transfer goods and/or coin to? Datamine those characters. Identify every person that bot interacts with; identify additional bots and identify people who buy gold.

Then at some point, ban them all at once.

This is different from someone reported to be violating the CoC (for instance by cursing at someone or harassing some player). There’s no need to watch them for anything further; they can be banned immediately.

The #1 problem with every thread like this one is the assumption that because we can’t see what Amazon is doing, that must be proof they aren’t doing anything.

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Do they have GM’s in game?

Not that I have seen, no. No one in my company has ever seen one either. It appears that their enforcement system relies largely on reports made by other players.

The problem is that while we sit here hoping– because we, and you, ultimately have no evidence of what they’re doing-- we can see the bots actively dealing their damage to the game, and it’s the kind of thing new players will see when they come to the game. Then they say in their video ‘we can’t tell what are bots.’ If the case were as you plead, why not say ‘we can’t act on every singular case, and have to act on them in batches,’ or even just ‘we have our methods, but discussing them puts them at risk of circumvention’? Why make this balogna excuse about not knowing where the bots are? Players do not seem to have any issues. Are they insinuating there’s manual farming going on? Okay-- is that any better? Why not discuss that?

Why the fuck are we always left to guess on every single goddamn thing? I’m tired of every response being speculation from a player and disengagement from CMs who’ve been told to basically summarily end discussion with the same result-- nobody has been told anything. I can’t imagine it’s the CMs’ idea of entertaining, either, they’re constantly deliverers of bad news which is usually “nobody has anything decisive to say.”

Why is it so hard to just… talk to us? Are their methods so volatile that even the barest hint of what it is would blow up in their face?


There are soooo many bots now, I dont think devs need more info.
They need to act now

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The bots have gotten really bad lately!

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On this point I agree. I think Amazon is doing a disservice to themselves and to their community by being so opaque about what they do, both in relation to their efforts to identify and squash botting as well as the information they provide when they ban someone.

I get that it’s important to keep some of your cards hidden. You don’t want botters and other miscreants to use their knowledge of your procedures to help refine a way to avoid detection and penalties. But I think we are at this time far on the other extreme from that point - namely, that so little information is given out that it’s actually damaging Amazon’s image and leading to the proliferation of conspiracy theories about Amazon’s actions.

@Snyperkill The best way of dealing with this sort of issue is by reporting it to the Game Moderation folks via the support site here: Report a Player or Company - Support | Amazon Games.

Please understand that we have reported this to the team. If you continue to see what you believe is a bot, please continue to report them as much as possible. Our team is always looking into this issue and we assure you we are doing everything possible to ensure our players have only the best experiences in New World!

Well, at least you’ve confirmed there’s no such thing as auto mass bans.

@AcidCloud Our team is aware of the issues with the bots in-game. We have been advised to inform the community to continue to report the bots you see in-game as the moderation team is working to make sure we can remove as many bots as possible off of New World.

We know this can be very frustrating, but I can assure you our team is working on trying to make sure we remove these bots, but also that we can identify bots a lot easier for the future if issues like these arise again in New World.

@Ydiss None of what you have just assumed is confirmed and we would ask you to not stir up any assumptions and misinform the community. This can be very unpleasant as we are doing our best to be transparent and assist the players and community members with the issues they have and what may be occurring in the game that is hindering a positive experience.

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@BRGF Hey - so I chronically report bots because they are so prevalent that they are really screwing up the market on our server (and not driving prices down vs up – they autopost to trade at the current lowest price, which is their price, creating infinite pages of resources all at the same price.)

Can the developers explain why it’s not as easy as when a player has been reported x times, that it triggers an audit on the player’s behavior to check for particular patterns? There are YouTube videos explaining how to install these programs, how they work, and it isn’t anything really revolutionary. They have a fixed path, run to each node, check for its existence, take it or move on. Right now, it feels like the process to remove these accounts is very manual creating massive backlogs of bots. I’ve reported this one bot at level 24 and it is now level 53 and farming in mourning dale (I originally spotted them in monarch.) This is 2 months, and I’ve reported them at least 5+ times.

We are building tents around these bots at this point, in complete frustration. We’ve also learned to exploit trade posts by posting 1 resource for cheap knowing the bots will match it, then we buy it.

When at least of half of the end game is crafting/resource gathering AND there is a systemic bot problem going on, players are going to quit. I haven’t logged in for a few days now due to frustration of being unable to farm materials in a reasonable amount of time. We have bots fighting bots for nodes!

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