Botting Epidemic

Bots are running a racket. They’re illegally running a business controlling the economy of the servers.

They control both the resource availability and the prices of the goods on auction. Nobody can actually get the resources they need and need to buy from them at whatever prices they set.

Then some people will feel forced to buy gold through their illegal websites, in order to afford their crazy mat prices. They control all the supply while the demand is high. And they profit off of it in real life.

And all we get is crickets.


But like every day in chat we have these bots spamming ads. How do you not have someone in each server watching and instabanning those accounts?

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Wouldn’t making the nodes spawn in different random locations help with the bots…as they all seem to follow a set route???

I still see a few running the old iron run in EF that was mostly replaced with the Knights Camp…many of those nodes were removed, but I still see bots running to those spots and swinging at nothing. I have reported and reported but see the same ones week after week.

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All the “bot” is doing, is following a path of way-points. So while it may reduce their efficiency to make nodes random, it won’t keep them from farming.

WoW has random node re-spawns, and that game is full of bots.

Though to be honest, the game should have random node re-spawns regardless. Why nodes are fixed is a bit baffling, and perhaps it was a concession by the devs to get the game ready in time for the launch date.

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Personally I am so sick of the botting going unchecked in this game. I have for months reported the same bots and not one of them has been banned or checked. Why do I know they haven’t been checked? Because if they were they would have been banned! You could set your watch to some of them. Same path, same picking up this bush, running to this node that’s no longer there.

On my server I found an ENTIRE company that EVERY member (51+ members) I’ve seen in the game is a bot. For me its completely ruining my gameplay. I like to source my own materials for crafting. They make sure that I cant OR that’s its so completely frustrating to me to harvests, mine, log (Wyd/Iron), that I resort to posting on a forum…(here I am).

They want players to buy from the Trading Post so the players use their gold and consider buying gold from them when they run out because the players cant make profits for themselves due to lack of resources. As I said, IM SO SICK OF IT and it seems to be getting worse.

Years ago (10+years) Blizzard was able to sniff out botting and ban. Why is it so difficult to do that in this game? Someone please explain this to me. Why do we have the “report” button when it seems like absolutely nothing is being done on it. Lack of manpower? I would GLADLY volunteer to be a moderator of the game/server sending video that is somehow filter flagged as a reliable partner to expediate whoever does ban to look at the “person” (bot) then ban.

I like this game. It has some other flaws but this one is a big one to me. Seeing this post reassures me that I’m not the only one who feels this way. How do we at the very least get a response from Amazon on this? As far as I know other than about two months ago when they banned some they haven’t addressed it again.


Sorry, but you have to do better. Saying that the “battle is ongoing” means nothing.

What I know is that I’ve farmed my soul out for nearly 800 hours, while TP is filled with resources which those bots are farming 24/7. How do you think that players who play this game feel knowing that majority of the resources on the TP aren’t even put there by real people? I’ve reported literally hundreds of bots and I look at the list and they are still online, months later.

Seriously, your response means nothing nor it’s enough. I’m personally slowly starting to lose my patience with this game, and I have no doubts that many other people feel the same way.

Your “we are working hard” simply isn’t good enough. Sorry.


Cool. Thanks for the info. Decreasing their efficiency would be a step in the right direction.

im done reporting the bots honestly, if amazon cant do their job, why should i do it for them?


Start banning buyers. The rest will sort itself out. Always talking about the gold farmer bots when the root of the problem lies with the low life cheaters.

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They would have to pay someone to review the cases or build some almighty godly anti cheat that would ultimately get beat by some 13 year old in his room giggling like a school girl.

Point is, it would cost money, so lol fuck no deal with it.

As I said in my post. I would volunteer my time for free to help in the effort to solve the bot problem. As for “deal with it” those posting on here are dealing with it. We’re asking that sometime be done about it and are trying to come up with solutions to solve the problem. Interesting that you took the time to post on this thread to deter people from asking that it be dealt with.

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But what if they are doing their job, and you’re just assuming they aren’t because you don’t see what they are doing?

There are reasons to leave bots in game for a time to uncover the whole botting operation - other bots, the bagmen, the buyers - all of it; and then mass ban them.


If this is their plan its a bad one. They are bleeding players because of it. Every server, same problem. They are not all “connected”. Some bots I believe are not even tied to “gold sellers”.


I don’t know if that’s true. If they are tracking down networks of buyers and sellers, that’s a much bigger benefit to the game than just playing ‘whack a bot’. It doesn’t really matter that not all bots are connected, and that some players might be running bot programs completely independently from gold selling; if that’s the case it would only mean they don’t get additional information from those bots, which is fine as long as they are all banned when it’s time to do a ban wave.

it is necessary to forbid to start the New World on the PC with the Virtual Machine (VM) installed… all bot die in one moment !

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This is not a Cartel sting. They can just code into the client looking for repeating player patterns from a long period of time. Blizzard did it and multiple games since have done it.

True, inasmuch as that’s an option. But Blizzard also used the mechanism of leaving reported bots in the game for the purposes I just described. Amazon may well also be doing both.

Point being…the fact that bots don’t quickly disappear isn’t evidence they don’t care about bots or that they are doing nothing. Also, while this may not be ‘a cartel sting’, it doesn’t have to be in order for similar tactics to produce similar results. Botters span the entire range from individual opportunists all the way up to highly organized operations, so there is value in pursuing all available strategies in order to fight the problem.

they do their job wrong, they ban bots in every major update, meanwhile the server economy goes to sh1t

It’s so easy to spot a bot. 9 times out of 10 they don’t even bother choosing a faction. I sat in one spot in First Light, and saw 5 different bots running pretty much the same route. It’s so frustrating. Report the bots CONSTANTLY. It’s even more frustrating when people guy off and say “If you don’t like fighting the bots, just buy the mats” Which I go “I don’t have money so I need to farm the mats myself” then “Then go make some money”… I CAN’T MAKE MONEY WHEN THE BOTS ARE TALKING ALL THE RESOURCES! AGS needs to something about bots ASAP