Botting Epidemic

The hardest to detect bots are using coordinates hand delivered by AGS in the top right corner of the screen. Its so lame how easy they make it for a bot to localize itself. You can probably feed the minimap overwolf data right into a bot.

Imagine running a botting operation and you can just add all your bots to a team for overwolf minimap. Then you just monitor one map with all the characters on it. This game was practically designed for botting.

It should require memory reading to get the coordinates, then EAC should do its job. Instead they display it right on the screen skipping right over EAC.

It’s sad when ‘just give in’ is the solution to bots, though, isn’t it?

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It will be supposedly fixed in February when it will not even matter because the economy will be destroyed making so many players to already quit until then. That if it will be ever fixed because if it was not fixed in three up to four months after release then why it would be fixed in six month after release?

I have at least six bots that are literally always online camping several starmetal routes on Valhalla and reporting them with video evidence does nothing.

It is like… we do not give a fack about the bots.

They don’t care… I left wow cause of that… It seems this company doing the same…

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This is giving me Classic WoW and Shadowlands vibes.

I still remember when Classic used to have gathering bots that were either flying or were underground while harvesting and Blizzard was doing nothing. Nothing. The bots were also pick pocketing for gold inside BRD.

If i am going to log into TBC then i will find at least a dozen of bots at each area farming for motes.

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Your’e wrong. They buying cheap game copies from cuntries like Argentina. It costs them like 5-7 bux per game on steam. No need to use any stolen cards at all.

And this better?

Here’s the change, get one of your employees to be a GM and watch/investigate for this type of behavior and have them sift through peoples reports of bots.

I must have reported 20 by now, all legit, followed them around to confirm before reporting. Had one reply to me and use emotes, then try to flatter me in private chat because he knew I caught him.

In the video he is 100% percent correct, the bot program will go to specified nodes and attempt to interact at least once. In the video it was twice, l had yet to see that myself.
On my server Celadon I needed a ton of Azoth water I farmed in RW. I forget the bots name, it was factionless, but it was programed to run around in the safe area where there are no mobs that will attack you gathering azoth water. Pretty annoying competing with a bot!

Please AGS do your job, investigate these claims and ban these scumbags.

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Aren’t we all bots living in a simulation doing the same things every day.
That is why bots in nw are so offensive.
They remind us of our sad lives.


I’d do a better job at minimum wage finding and banning these bots than whoever is supposedly doing it, Amazon. Think about it. I’d get results, players are happier, and you fork out a small pittance of coin my way for doing what needs to be done, and in record time.

Right now the entire south part of Windsward is botted out all the iron and other resources aside from stone and trees. Amrine Temple had 11 bots all factionless, using hatchets to kill any mob. They’re leveling up so they can venture into higher level territory and… bot out resources there.

The player bot I reported on my server was actually trying to mine the empty nodes like it does on your video when trying to mine the node you are mining and you see the animation.

I cleared all the nodes in area and it tried to mine them all before getting stuck for a couple minutes on a fence… touch wood I havent seen the account online the past few days but it was a company that is still recruiting players. Probably them trying to look “legit”

I don’t just want the bot banned I want the company leader banned for ignoring my warning accusing me of having issues.

Edit, botter has not been banned he’s still online, what a joke.

Bots are proliferating ( growing massively in number) probably more bots than players now.
Gathering , mining, and trading all massively affected.
Nothing from AGS despite they promised to keep players informed.
It the final nail in the coffin.
I dont want to see bots every where I go.
I don’t want to see resources , trees, motes, ore nodes all mined out, by Bots

Come on AGS step up

Seems like AGS is losing the bot war lately. Its getting bad.

the company leader may or may not know that it’s a bot, my recommendation is screenshotting the conversations you have and reporting on it. Make their intentions public knowledge if it is nefarious. We need to cleanse out the bots and the people supporting/deploying the bots. You cannot kill weeds without removing the roots. If the company leader doesn’t know don’t blame them, and if they ask you for proof, take a video of the bot and send it to them, but don’t prejudge them and make sure there is plenty of evidence to make a judgement. We don’t want to witchhunt, but to display the guilty. Burning innocents at Salem is a crime against society.

He does because I explained the situation in a DM to him and he just got mad and insulted me. I have also responded in Global chat when he posted recruit posts saying that his Company harbours bots.

I would have to find its current farming area to record it. Wish I had done already but then again when you report this kind of stuff you cannot upload the proof.

If someone told me that one of my members was botting in a way I may find aggressive, I’d be upset as well. Things would be different if presented in a way such as: “hey I found one of your members botting, do you want to dm on discord for the proof?” If presented as such, and they still ignore after providing proof, or getting defensive if presented as such, they definitely may be one condoning it. The “recruiting botters” may be to piss you off or egg you on.

On the other hand, if you offer proof and they refuse to even look, there’s a good chance that Occam was right and it’s because it’s all condoned. Well, you mentioned that, but more to the point it’s just more likely these people know.

The kind of people who advocate for proof and truth don’t usually need to be told not to cheat. Those who cheat don’t usually advocate for proof or truth!

Out of curiosity since this topic seems to be everywhere. How is bot created? a)Amazon created them to appear as if there are many active players around us; b)It’s a hack so hacker can have character auto farm to generate them money; or c)it just appear out of nowhere and a part of bugs?

A bot is a character program that gets thru anticheat that allows a toon to automatically farm resources on a cycle without anyone at a keyboard. Some of the fancier ones can even pvp and do things to avoid detection. These resources are then sold for gold and then that gold is sold for US dollars which is illegal and against TOS. People will buy/hack tons of accounts to make bots. The bots lately have been in high numbers because of the New world christmas sale. This creates problems for players as theres much higher competition for resources.


Got it, thanks for clarifying!