Botting Epidemic

Bots are created by individuals that know programming. The typical bot is an overlay program that sends instructions to simulate player input. There is several forms of such, and one could be possible (not likely, but not off my radar at the moment) that AGS is deploying bots in order to compensate player population to farm materials that other players do not (though it would be ACTUALLY idiotic when they could inject directly to the market instead of physically deploying bots, thought the API wouldn’t recognize the TP Injection as players playing) and the others are, RMT (farms to sell coins, sells coins to make money), and players (no need to spend money if you can have a bot run a script to farm for you). One of the faults with the minimap was the fact that bots could use that for their input/guided data, using less coding (hence a drop in bot count), then they begin using pulled from browser tracking API. The proper solution is the bots have delays, and predicted pathing. AGS could just buy a script, program against those routines but then it’s square one for private bots. What AGS needs to do for bot detection is either AI tracking which detects similar inputs between players with unnatural hour counts (mind you, only some of us have over 40 hours a week in the game), or in-game moderation. Best implementation for fixing the issue is in-game moderation in order to remove the bots from the economy to slow damage, and while manually removing, you have devs working on bot detection. Once the worth of investing into stolen CC and keygens becomes dwarfed in the war of constantly having to update scripts, run ads to find customers and recoup losses from constantly getting wiped, they will move somewhere else. The only reason we are having this big of a problem is due to the lack of in-game moderation.


They’ve been alive for two months.

you must be on the Omeyocan server because I see that bot all the time… including Ow One…

Taken in Brightwood.

This is my short video when following Ow One. I reported this player, and it’s still in the game… I notice that after a while Ow One goes in town… and goes straight to the traders to sell raw nodes. I assume this is how people farm gold to sell for real-life money.

I believe the bot you’ve recorded is also is being controlled by the same person whos bot that I’ve captured.

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i cant even farm anything that i need. and i cant make any money to buy what i need. pretty frustrating so i took a break but im watching the game and logging in every once in a while to see if they fix anything. at this point though im not very hopeful. look like another gaming company stole people money to me.

Your ingame reporting system stinks… I’ve reported a bot weeks ago, and it’s still in Brightwood on the Omeyocan server to this day collecting nodes, and selling them on the traders

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Sick of Bot. Please remove them damn bot!

I hope AGS will not follow Blizzard’s business model. Cause if GM’s starts banning manualy bots they will stop botting. But if you do it in a waves only. That’s the problem for all of us but not for AGS. AGS will make profit of it. Imagine if u ban 10-20k game copies avery 3 months. After that boters will buy another 10-20k copies. This is how Blizzards model works and again I hope AGS will not follow this model.

This isn’t true. Most botters are using stolen CC or key gens, they are not paying for actual copies of the game. Only players are buying real copies, but it’s drops in a bucket compared to botfarms.

Have you seen eBay? It’s filled with gold sellers. I reported on particular seller who was selling gold the first week New World was live. I reported directly to live chat with links & everything. Over 3 months later that seller is still on eBay, still selling gold (higher price now) and making a fortune. One listing they sell 200k gold for $282.99 and have sold 94 of those. They have 14 separate listings and that is just one gold seller, there are quite a few.
Can’t mine orichalcum to craft yourself something? That’s because of people botting resources, listing them on the tradepost and selling the gold. Selling the gold to people who can’t harvest their own resources because of the bots & need the gold to buy items from the tradepost because they can’t legitimately get their own. Fun, huh? The bots run this game now.
edit to add: if caught guess who’d get banned, the bot or the person who bought gold?

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There is a whole pile of them on Eden up in Brightwood too where the elite bears are. Tucked away on a pier where most players don’t travel.

Botters buying cheap NW game on steam from countries like Argentina for 6 bux per game. It is not even worth to use any stolen cc at all.

I found my first botter doing an oil run. Well i learned a new efficient route and i could beat him to every node.I noticed when he got to a node,there is a very short delay,probably to register if active. I would follow close in some areas where there were mobs because if he did beat me to node,he would get aggro and i could snipe the node, i got a crap load of oil

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Just reported an advert in my gmail for NW gold seller.

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How about the devs give us a actual response on this not the PR ass saving pile of BS they were spewing over the weekend.


They are losing the war because they are not trying hard enough. People are doing all the work for them for free by reporting the bots. Sure, some might not be bots but others are obvious. I personally reported a bunch of obvious bots that are still there weeks/months later and 20-40 levels higher now from just gathering.

Sorry but that’s not trying hard enough. Investigations don’t take months for this kind of stuff. Log in and watch a bot for 2 minutes. Thats all it takes.

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There are so many bots on Orofena it’s absurd. I have spent the entire weekend trying to farm some Starmetal, and Orichalcum, for a whopping 600 starmetal and zero Orichalcum. If they do not remove the bots they need to at least add more nodes of each, and shorten the spawn times so some of us humans can get some ore. Or make them like chests where I can get the node even if the bots were there.

No joke there are companies with bots, and level 60 players without bot names, now running bots. This is the worst bot problem I have been privy to witness in any game to date bar none.

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I’ve reported at least a dozen bots at this point, all of which I added to my blocked list so I can still see when they’re online. They’re all pretty much online almost 24/7 to this day, and all approaching level 60 and moving onto higher tier raw mats. SMDH.

20% of the players on Omeyocan (IF NOT MORE) are bots. From no faction low levels to 60’s with factions, some are even in companies. It’s so comical at this point that they run routes together and compete in little flocks for essence plants or nodes that simply arent there. This is the first thing that has me really questioning my future in the game.