Botting Epidemic

I’ve been playing since closed beta and since the game went live I’ve only seen one orichalcum vein in the world. ONE. It’s impossible to get this ore. When you need it you have to buy it from bots off the trade post.

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It’s not really the devs that handle any of these reports. That falls on whatever form of customer service is assigned to this problem.

But ya. It’s become increasingly obvious and increasingly more of a problem.

Head to Shattered Mountain, the bots stay away from there and there is a lot of Orichalcum it is just highly competitive

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So many people here are trying to rationalize or even show signs of support for AGS in this context. Seriously, just stop.

I absolutely don’t care what they have to do. As a consumer of this product, I want this resolved. What their intentions or plans are is none of my concern, nor it’s yours.

What I know when I log in every day and I run around major forts e.g. around WW is that farming anything is impossible, because there are literally tens of bots at any given time. This is preventing all of us from actually gathering and making any profit.

So please, just stop talking nonsense. If a company can’t ban bots who are even named the same, who run the same routes, and who are online 24/7, then what are we even talking about here? What type of company is this?

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There are about 10 bots who farm north Everfall on my server using hatchets. I’ve heard you could train mobs into them to kill them but I’ve failed at that. They have a tell-tale three-point maneuver after each mob, presumably to keep them from getting stuck. Also they all have names like rfbtb and no faction alliance which makes things even more obvious.

They’ve been at it for over a week now. I see more bots out in the world than players. AGS has to be thoroughly aware, but putting the effort towards banning them must not be worth it.

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All the bots have been around on my server to have made it to 55+ now just gathering motes and wood…

I love the simpering, whiny defenses of AGS. “They’re only backed by an international conglomerate with literally more money than Canada, guys! Just take it easy on them!”

Ha-HAAAAAAAA! Fuck that, and what, berate the indie devs because they have less red tape to cut through? Jesus. First we mount ‘please don’t b meen :(’ defenses for Amazon, who was the worldwide purveyor of couriers who had to piss in bottles until four months ago-- now suddenly they’re a bunch of hard-done by visionaries who are trying to revolutionize the MMORPG market with… whatever the hell this is, in the end. Not quite Souls, not quite Dynasty Warriors, but with the frame drops and lag of the latter and the insufferable constant search-for-exploits of the former.

This game, this project, the whole goddamn thing from the playerbase up to the CS up to the company running this whole shitshow has been a gigantic case study in killing one bird with two stones.

One shuffling, nervous, uncertain step forward for every tumbling, flair-riddled cartwheel backwards.

Honestly, the ‘bots boost playercount’ theory is the only one that holds water. If I have actual human adults telling me they can’t tell HAPPC, HAPPAE, HAPPCE and HAPPB are clearly not invested, individual players then I don’t know what to tell them besides ‘you might want a bib for that.’

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Right? With billions of dollars, how hard could it be to put a few paid “players” on each server to see this crap for themselves and take immediate action…why are we left to report the same bot endlessly? We need GMs to monitor this stuff in-game, real-time.

Forget the GMs, players flood the forums, reddit and God knows where else with lists of these bots. A local forumer just kept a thread up for like a month following various bots and watched them progress.

It’s crazytown. Why are they being left to run amok, and why was the excuse ‘we can’t tell which are bots’?

Like-- seriously, more money than Canada and you can’t come up with a better lie?

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Fucking AMEN holy shit. Someone give this person a medal fucking standing novation clapsClapping

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I just expected more out of people older than me; I always do, and it never works out for me.

i never expected anything from anyone or anything as it leads to %99 of the disappointment.

Fuck if you aren’t 100% correct about that one, lmao

:joy: exactly!

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Here a bot behavoir using OCR or something to “see nodes” and runs to them to farm it only when it shows up.

Does not respond to ANY communications in any chat, even gave itself a company and officer tag to look legit.

Start at point A looking towards the nodes runs to node collects it then runs back to point A and start looking again for the next node to appear. I would get video but not set up for it right now sadly.

pray to this.

its exactly what i think and preach over the forums aswell.
if they cannot beat the bots by coding wich many have failed they have to remove them manually.

like taking out the trash and throwing it into the bin. MANUALLY.

this requires IN GAME MODERATION.

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Server Avalon
Botname : NosSun

fishing with his Tent

He lets himself be killed

Mass report work immedaiately , but reportet of Bots dont!!
It´s so frustrating.

he is lvl 60 this is so silly

Its incredibly toxic, I won’t understand how AGS find it to be acceptable to prioritize what they do.

still need iron ore to make orichalcum ingots and there are no iron nodes or very limited in those zones. Would be a good idea to add lower level nodes in those areas, yes?

Post after post regarding players servers being over run with BOTS, many players post pics and info… what does AGS do? They give us mutated dungeons…? Missed the mark AGAIN.