Bought the DELUXE EDITION but did not get the deluxe items (feel scammed)

I pre ordered the deluxe edition and when i logged in i had none of the items so i thought u had to claim it somewhere but apparantly u should get everything when u spawn in the first time.
So hopefully i will get 10 euro back or my deluxe items


I would also like to know where my pre-ordered deluxe edition items are.

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One you should wear :wink:
RMB on a Part (clothing) LMB on i guess SKIN and a new window is shown. Here in it is.
Sry play ger version.

Someone mentioned this in game, “just right click the item and change the skin”, I tried that and I have no skins available that are “free”.

I also heard the trinket equips when you are level 5 and the pets come with housing, whatever level that is.

ty i will check if i have it ingame if i manage to get in the game with these ques

I dont have of the extra that were supposed to come with the deluxe edition.

I am having similar issue, except I am allowed to equip the deluxe edition cosmetics even though I did not buy the Deluxe Edition. I also should have others unlocked from twitch drops from a month ago that I do not have. I am missing my verdant trapper skin and I’m also missing my recent twitch drops from the ongoing event. I do have my Gold Rage skins but something is definitely not right.

Same here, deluxe items are missing

Semae here!!!

Same here, no items from deluxe version … whats goin on AMAZON !?

I bought the deluxe edition on Steam, and I also can’t see any of the cosmetics - I only see the vinespun items.

The Deluxe items were available at launch, but they disappeared several days later.

Same here? I don’t see any difference from normal and deluxe lol…

Same here, no items from deluxe version

So? amazon fix the problem for deluxe items to anyone?

same here…
bought deluxe edition via steam and cannot fine any cosmetics

same problem here, does anyone know if they are working on it?

Same issue with my account. I just saw this post:New World Deluxe Edition. Hope you get it all taken care of…Cheers

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