Bounty: Preiddeu Farms

Name: Reila the Red
Server: Valhalla
The objective of the bounty in the title is to “Defeat Farmer Sneed” Yet with the recent update and changes to some pois, he no longer spawns anywhere. I’ve been here for 30 minutes and have not seen him yet. Trying to get to rank 30 to buy the best house and i keep running into issues that are preventing me from gaining rep whether it be due to a quest bug such as this or a separate issue of turning in 5 town board missions and not gaining a single rep for it. Getting kind of frustrated.


I too am having this problem. Ive been circling around Preiddeu Farm and still have not seen Farmer Sneed spawn.

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Hello and welcome to the community! Thank you for bumping this issue.

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Thank you for reporting this! I will forward your report to the Dev team to review. :slight_smile:

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I am having the same issue on Yggdrassil. I tried waiting a full day/night cycle and he’s not spawning.

Same here - keep getting this as a Faction Mission, been days trying to complete. Can we get it removed from the “bank” of missions until fixed?

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same here - no idea which server i am

I’m reporting the same issue on Valhalla server. Waited at the location for an hour and he didn’t spawn.

same here on server Aaru middle europe.

welcome to the beta test.

To complete this quest you need to trigger one in-game event (green) in that zone.
This event occurs every 45 minutes automatically or so, other ways to trigger it, are currently unknown.

  1. In front of the fort, there’s a supply cart, you need to “unpack” it.

  2. Protect 3 racks of supplies for 00:03:00 minutes against Withered attacks.

  3. When the timer reaches 00:00:00, “Farmer Sneed” appears.


I will test this out today, however, why would we have to do this to complete the faction bounty to defeat Farmer Sneed? If this is the case, the bounty should be updated.

Not an option for me with the Faction quest… if only there was support… or someting :slight_smile:

Can confirm this DOES work for the faction quest, just tested it now. You can trigger the cart whenever.

AGS - This cart triggers needs to be marked on the faction quest marker. Theres no info in the quest text to prompt this, think its just an oversight.

This is ridiculous. I am supposed to wait 45 minutes for a faction quest? This is insane! And how am I supposed to figure all this out without this bug report? :confounded:

ok, but there is no green quest at the cart…

i’ve been here ALOT over 3 days…

(castle of steel)


impossible to trigger this quest and to wait 45 minutes for a faction quest?

Problem persists. Have it as a Faction quest and cannot initiate it…