Bow buffs are overtuned

After spending a bit of time playing on the PTR in 3v3 arenas I have come to the conclusion that bow / dex is quite overtuned in the upcoming patch.

In light armor they are autoing me for 4-5k which is nearly half my health (as spartans have forced everyone to run at least 150 con).

I think bow needs a buff from the live patch but this…this is a little much. I 100% see this change bringing dex above and beyond other dps classes in terms of raw dps output and that to me is very intimidating for the health of the game.

I thought getting one shot by a spartan was bad, but at least they have to get near me to do it. Some of these dex users (in i can only assume is not nearly bis gear) are able to heavy pen shot for nearly if not your entire health bar from 10-25 meters comfortably - farther if they are good.

That just feels wrong.




This cant be true the devs only play ga/wh they would never buff dex that much

In all seriousness it will probably make it live and then nerfed a month later

And this is using BiS gear in PTR, correct? Your character in PTR has the exact same gear as your production character does?

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Oh wow the bow can kill people now. Must nerf it before it goes to live.

Give me a break. If you dont want the bow in the game why not just make a post asking to delete it?


Because that isnt what I said.

Playing melee in 3v3s you cant even close the width of the arena. One shot chunks so hard you either use all your stam / pots getting into the fight, or you die before you get there.

Be reasonable. Bow is overtuned on ptr lol.


You killed the guy with 3 hits using only one skill, and you didn’t even have to be close to him. I feel sorry for those who pvp using melee character.


Careful. They come out of the woodwork in droves

Bow have no stunt , no slow , no root , might as well do some dmg ? GA attack should do 200dmg with all utilities that weapon brings ?


2 staggers, which are now the strongest ccs in game with no CC reduction / immunity being applied to them.

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First off, be respectful. You are entitled to your opinion no matter how biased or flat out stupid it might be, but im not going to call you a clown just because you main bow and think it needs this strong of a buff.

Second, that is wearing terrible gear. Imagine bis gear hitting 4-5k. That was also him missing his penshot (which staggers players). He never had to use his evade shot for the extra damage / space either.

Maybe try being a little objective.

(added to every response - 5 stack resilient is not an response/excuse for making a weapon overpowered)


Yea stagger on last hit of rapid fire ? Didn’t know that was an OP skill lmao

Pen Shot
Evade Shot

Do you even use a bow?

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I am being reasonable.

The bow has never had a place in this game from the beginning of launch. It had a small 2 week window where is was viable in PVP but still C tier before it got nerfed back to dogshit.

You are playing on PTR where most of the people hardly have a full set of resilient.

Meanwhile, live build is flooded with constant OP weapons like BB/IG/GA/WH.

The bow is a glass cannon weapon. Meaning it should do BIG damage. It is a DPS weapon.


You’re testing the bow against people with trash testing gear, without resilient or even gems and probably playing with 200+ ping (everyone outside the US playing PTR suffers from this).

Bow was shit for months and nobody talked about it outside me and other bow players here.
Now AGS did a great thing and made the weapon not useless and you’re already crying.
Guess what? Medium bruisers won’t ignore bow players because they’re insignificant like they do now. They need to kill the bow player otherwise they will be killed, LIKE EVERY WEAPON.

Good job AGS!

Ps: don’t ever talk about a weapon being overturned while it can’t do this.


They shouldn’t add more damage to bow lol they fixed added a faster shooting, better precision, and also crazy damage ?? Also crazy hit box still people think is ok lol…

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It’s not, though. It’s one of the most evasive weapons with movement speed that no melee can match even with stamina changes.

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Yeah like on live a melee can’t win a 1vs1 agains a decent bow player with this changes will be imposible, when they also need gravity well

Youre testing the bow WITH trash testing gear, without maxed stats or cdr / more defensive stats (which obviously arent necessary rn because of the defensive abilities it gives and the fact it can kill you before you get within 10m).

That argument goes both ways.

(added to every response - 5 stack resilient is not an response/excuse for making a weapon overpowered)

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Why are you advocating to nerf bow as a Dex player ? I don’t get it. I guess JB needs their 30 GA user in war and nothing else :rofl:

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