Bow ? can you please think before applying a change

Like don’t understand they remake a weapon and kill all the game modes and make the game not fun like you need to play bow to be able to join an opr on an arena. everyone using it statpadding to show on the leaderboard.

Don’t you take into consideration any impact when you do any change is this game?? and still ask why the player base is dropping…

Gaxe monkey tears, nice.

I don’t think any of the developers are competitive pvp players or have experience balancing competitive pvp games. The blunderbuss should never been released how it was intially, and the bow should never have been released in its current state. One of the developers could have calculated the bow’s max burst potential and sustained DPS, and quickly saw that it was out of line with other ranged weapons.

Gaxe hammer here. I miss the insatiable gravewells that really we’re insatiable in the application process.

The game has 9k players left, nothing they do will bring back players. Weapon balance should be handled by a 12 years old, not them

The bow is not the problem, the problem is the armor they are wearing, I go with heavy and it is very strange that a bow kills me. I would love to be able to dodge with heavy armor like they do with light but unfortunately I can’t do that either.

And something similar happens with the rapier, if someone escapes with the rapier, it is not even necessary to chase him, if he escapes he does not contribute, continue with the next one.