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  • What is your character name in New World: sprayMachinePTR
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: the only one available for the PTR
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing:* Is this a bug or an exploit: new change for poison shot 100% vs 150% direct hit, no stagger on pen shot, and explosive arrow
  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay:

Poison shot

-before it required skill to place a direct hit with poison shot especially since it’s a 30 second cooldown. Now you can just put it down…no real bonus from trying a direct hit

Penetrating shot

  • the bow in pvp has no cc other than the pen shot stagger, we have a slow if the target is at 100% HP… rain of arrow which takes 10 years to cast, useless in 1 vs 1 and l most useless ultimate talent in the game Knee shot…why remove the pen shot stagger?

Explosive arrow
-without cc I don’t see how this ability can be viable in pvp… I’m going to have to play Sworld & shield to shield bash the enemy to use your new ability? made there give me splinter shot like before… no progress for pvp

in summary

the only positive point that I have is rapid shot that I like to be able to cancel the animation. But in the end I have a lot of negative points which affect my gameplay and which gives me less desire to play. Not to mention your split stats bonus when the bow scale only in dext…


Give pen shot stagger on closer targets.

Give explosive shot same animation as poison.

Make poison undispellable.


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You miss to mention heavy atack finich charge sound ;D

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Rapid Shot staggers and is commonly used to burst people. Then these same bow players are using spears which has unlimited stamina economy and CC because of the sheer amount of CDR. You’re not lacking for CC options up close here.

Who gets hit by 3 rapid shots? You are a target dummy if you do. Rapid shot is slow. The first two are quick sure but currently only the third shot staggers and makes the shooter rooted in place for a long time. They better hope that the aim is correct before firing because the first two shots will miss if its not and then you have to hope to correct aim for the third and nobody seen you or the bow player is dead from being rooted in place. Only the 3rd shot staggers. Nobody but maybe cracked bow players are landing 3 shots of rapid shots and that would be against noob target dummies.

All the anit-posting about bow you do, I am beginning to think you are one of those target dummies. I mean no offense but all the healers I see are constantly moving and using dodges. They arent easy to hit. Usually can get first shot but they are quick reactors that continuously on the move and follow up shots, regardless of “bowling ball size hit boxes” dont make a difference.

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Hi LSM-SprayMachine, we appreciate the time youve taken to post this detailed bow feedback. I will forward it to the Dev team so they can have a look as well. Have a great day!


You can make whatever presumptions you want about me. I outplay bow players all day. The level of skill required to excel on bow/spear is on the floor. That’s what I take issue with. It’s braindead for how effective it is.

Its so braindead easy that you outplay them all day.

I can dodge so their hitbox suddenly isn’t literally twice the size of any other ranged weapon in the game? They don’t have access to two staggers where others have none? They don’t strictly perform better with 300 DEX 200 CON than musket players running 450 into damage attributes? And those musket players also have to be pixel perfect with their aim to actually do damage to boot. I’m not sure what you’re getting at here. I don’t think it’s a very balanced weapon in the grand scheme of things at all.

Well one, the hit box isnt literally twice the size of any other ranged weapon in game.

Two, mages have access to AoE, CC, Massive Debuffs, Stuns, and Slows. Literally not only the most braindead easy but most oppressive stuff in game. (minus healer tab target of course)

Three, musket has a zoom scope and hit scan so pixel perfect aim my ass. They dont have to lead shots. They literally push button when crosshair is on target and it hits. Doesnt matter distance or direction. Crosshair on target is a hit with a zoomed in scope. Pixel perfect aim is nonsenes. Outside of that I think musket is a trash weapon, only good at one thing, and I think needs a rework. That has nothing to do with bow.

Also I run far more than 300 dex and everyone can dodge. I mean you set yourself up for that one. You cant say bow is braindead easy and in the same breath say you outplay them all day. That is a complete contradiction.

Well one, the hit box isnt literally twice the size of any other ranged weapon in game.

Flat out lie.

Here’s Life Staff for comparison

Two, mages have access to AoE, CC, Massive Debuffs, Stuns, and Slows.

You have access to not one, but two staggers, two slows, huge burst, plentiful dots and infinite haste + stamina. I’m curious what ‘stuns’ you’re referring to.

Literally not only the most braindead easy but most oppressive stuff in game. (minus healer tab target of course)

Ah yes, because proper CD usage and placement doesn’t exist in your mind becaues you have never touched healer in your life and you think that in a 50v50 war over a point that we should have to target heals. Tell me how you think that would work out for you when a melee body blocks and runs infront of the heal that was coming your way and you die for it. It shouldn’t frustrate you because you want that system. You want to know the fucking irony? Life Staff has a smaller hitbox than bows do. We’re literally required to aim better than you to roll CDR.

Three, musket has a zoom scope and hit scan so pixel perfect aim my ass.

How does that change that their shots need to be on the hitbox and yours needs to be within elbow length as shown above?

They dont have to lead shots.

Think you’re overstating how difficult this is when you’re often within 20 meters pelting people with these.


Tracking is a different kind of aiming don’t see how that argument carries any weight. Are Mei players better than McCree players in Overwatch just because they have to lead their shots a little?

Pixel perfect aim is nonsenes.

The hit needs to be on target. Bow needs to be within elbow distance of the player model. That’s undoubtedly an easier time aiming. Why is it that all the musket players that were ass shifted to using bows, hm?

Also I run far more than 300 dex and everyone can dodge.

And dex players just happen to have infinite stam economy. They legit just swap to bow and do a hop and have a 20% haste permanently to kite anyone, they spam hop with no downsides. If they’re using rapier gl at range if they’re using spear gl at melee.

That is a complete contradiction.

Is it? Just because I make a conscious effort to LOS doesn’t change how effective they are relative to skill required.

I love when I see other bow users use rapid shot. You are standing still for me to burst you down. Not a very good way to counter that argument because it’s a terrible skill to take if you don’t want to be stationary and die. I wanna see videos of you using bow because I don’t believe you. Now that bow is being nerfed, healers are free to do whatever they want again. I literally cc’d them to prevent them from healing since no other class can really challenge them that way without getting murdered.

Why do you keep posting pictures of bow hitbox to the right of target? The right side of target is bigger than left side… that’s why. Arrow goes to the left. Why share information if you’re not going to share all of it? Because you don’t like bow users and want to see it nerfed. That’s why. You don’t want to share all the information to the players and devs instead to try to get them to nerf it.

The changes to the bow are thoughtless.
Instead of making sure that all skills are at the same level, the only good ones are nerfed. So that every Skill bad. Well, they’re on par, but it don’t solve the problem everyone has with the bow. :wink:

Simple fact :

  • Hit box will remain the same ( video upper about it is speachless )
  • Rate of fire will still be the same ( machinegun like )

So bow is TOP S+ tier weapon now, after patch will be still be TOP S tier weapon.

Better than nothing for BowPR i guess …

Show the other side now. Arrows dont fly true to crosshairs. Even if they did its still not “literally twice the size” Ive also advocated that the left side be the same as the right side and was the first person to ever post pictures of it at all.

Staggers last .33 seconds. Nobody takes the slow ultimate and most dont take the slow passive. Im not trying to hit knee shots for a 2 second slow. You really want to compare mage slows and dots to a bow? LMFAO. Mages also have huge burst.

I meant to say staggers. Mages have access to two staggers.

Funny because I never said anything like that. I’ve played healer. Wooptie doo. Not impressed by how “difficult” it is. I never asked for healers to have their tab target removed. In fact I have always argued for healers and against nerfs, unlike you who has a fit over a .33 second stagger.

Because my shots can still miss. Theirs if on the crosshair at time of click do not. I also dont have a zoom that makes 100m look like 20. I’ll take hitscan bow anyday over what it is now. Would be way easier.

Please show video of you and how easy this is. Can’t wait to see all the shots you easily land while players are moving all over the place and you lose all awareness around you while your ADS and cant see shit but forward.

Dont play overwatch. No clue what that has to do with bow in New World. You act as if all we do is put the cursor close and its a guaranteed hit. Its not. player move a little and it misses. Try not standing still youll see.

Yeah if the player isnt moving that might be true. If its a musket it only needs to be on the target at the time of clicking. Then the player can move all he wants and he is still hit.

Yeah Im not spammin hop. There is no infinite stamina. Bruiser have perma 20% haste just from looking at ya.

First its bow, then its rapier and spear. Gee lets get rid of everything cept lifestaff and GA. Then you can go back to left mouse button monkey world.

Yes it is. Either bow is braindead easy and OP or you can outplay them all day. The only way both is true is if your class is also braindead easy and OP. I’ll give you that its braindead easy to score points but I play to win the game. It isnt braindead easy to win the fights.

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