Bow changes on ptr opinions

so i heard on ptr now that bow is doing half the damage it does now? is this true and if so did ags mean to nerf it that hard. my bow 625 keenly jagged vicious attnement also have a 625 enchanted keen jagged attnement. im hitting max 4k crit head shot on light armor and thats very rare usually its 2k-2.5k and on mediums im hitting like 900-1.2k heavys basically not even hitting last time i aimed at a heavy target was my company member and i did 640 damage on a heavy head shot at 350 dex. not sure what our damage is gonna be if its actually half now probably wont be a point in having a bow honestly if its doing that little damage its super easy to dodge every bow attack as it is i rarely get killed by bow in any pvp unless i get hit by a bunch of other things. as it is majority of my kills come from spear not my bow. so maybe ill drop bow and pick up rapier spear or S&S spear. idk feel like the mortal empowerment nerf was needed and now that its nerfed bows not gonna be as strong. i supposed we will see how it ends up i know im gonna get flamed for having any sympathy for the bow but its not as easy as alot of people try and say it is. see alot of player on these fours saying i picked up a bow and the first day i was dropping 40 kills not missing a shot and never dying. if you actually used the bow then youd know its actually mor complicated then just putting your reticle on the player. starting with if they are moving you have to lead targets even at close range. not to mention the arrows dont land where your reticle is which is fine until you start strafing left or right then the arrow is even further off the reticle which again is fine but still makes it harder to land shot and if its to be so hard to land shots then why must our damage be cut in half. i know melee gets mad at being kited but honestly if they land one hit on us they slow us so much were basically insta dead. now if we land 1 bow shot they still move full speed and only take 1k damage if in medium and they have like any where from 12k-15k health so to have to hit them 10 times or more when they have to get on top of us and hit us 3 times with GS 4-5 times with S&S. idk we will see how it goes im just kind scared that bows gonna have no place at all anymore and FS buff is gonna be nasty

If you want to know how good bows really play… They are more than fine on PTR and still do insane damage that will need nerfing honestly. But yes you do need to know how to play properly with the right tree and stats.

After watching this video I played bow and dropped 40 kills in OPR so I’m literally the person you are referring too. Having 20% perma haste with a hatchet off hand is giving yourself literal invincibility in this game, so I have very little sympathy for bows and think it needs further changes.

Bow goes to 285% damage increase on live, many of those are base damage increases and not effected by empowerment cap. Invigorated punishment will make up for a large portion of the damage lost and going enchanted over vicious will also be a safe bet after the patch.

If your shooting random medium and heavy players, you’re not doing your job as a bow player, your job is to pressure apply pressure to healers and nuke vulnerable players who have over extended or don’t have healing, you should be destroying light and medium players with heavy attacks.

This is why balance needs to be done from the top down, as some people find hitting their shots very easy… Honestly, most wars at the moment are decided by who has the better bow players but granted this is exacerbated by mortal empowerment, with musket being nerfed though the only counter to bow is getting taken down a peg and there will be even more bow players taking advantage of their new found safety next patch.

hatchet getting changed too and honestly i treid the hatchet crap for one game its so boring lol