BOW FEEDBACK - From a Hardcore Bow User

A summary of my thoughts on the bow, based on my shared experience with everyone else in the community during the past beta and launch. I will try to remain objective and unbiased in my feedback, but I’ve always been a bow user, so I would like to see the weapon flourish, in many hands, not just my own.

First, the positives:

Bow shots can hit like a TRUCK, followed up with a quick penetrating shot, it is very satisfying when you land your shots.

The 5/6 of the skills are great and incredibly viable for a diversity of content.

The passives are overwhelmingly wonderful, they make the bow what it is, a deadly force in a skilled user’s hands.

Overall, I love using the bow, and I think it is a very good weapon, but there are some very frustrating, seemingly quite unfair qualities, that don’t allow for it to flourish like other weapons do.

Gameplay Mechanic Issues:
#1 - The bow heavy shot, is the only heavy attack in the game, that doesn’t automatically shoot a heavy attack, when the left mouse button is held for a sufficient time. > Consider resolving with a 0.5 second hold requirement, or even a setting, to ensure a heavy shot. You do this with every other class, why not bow? **But don’t auto force this, should still be able to hold and aim if desired. Trigger a heavy attack if a hold button command is issued for .5+ seconds.

#1a - There is no clear indicator when you will shoot a heavy attack, as the arrow glows before the heavy attack is charged up. > The glow misleads people to thinking they will shoot a heavy shot… Either add a 2nd different glow when fully charged, or a circle animation showing charge time, similar to fishing or opening a chest.

#2 - The aim cursor for the bow is not accurate. If you strafe left, your arrow shoots right, and strafe right, arrow will shoot left, from where the cursor is on the arrow release. This forces players to stand still to shoot accurately, or play so much to memorize which direction they are strafing, for where the arrow will land, which is overly complex. The arrow should land, where the cursor is, on release of the arrow, within the cursor’s boundaries. It doesn’t, when strafing.

#3 - Favoritism, not in favor of the bow - New World has implemented Melee Tracking… Why do melee’s get tracking, and ranged don’t? That’s like saying, we don’t trust melee’s to know where to swing, so we’ll help them, but we entirely expect ranged to do it, which is much much harder to hit, especially with the small surface area of an arrow (compared to larger heavy fire/ice balls) > I think there should be some small amount of tracking, at least within a certain range. Would only be fair if giving it to other classes… Look at how the MMORPG Bless Unleashed does ranged tracking, if the cursor is over the body of the target, the attacks will track to that target, within range. Would suggest a smaller degree of tracking than what is in that game, to be competitive with other tracking that is already in effect.

#4 - Attack Speed is not competitive with Magic Attacks - Why do fire/ice heavy attacks seem to fire faster, or just as fast, as light arrow attacks? How does that make sense? Understanding no two weapons have the same attack speed, yes agree that makes sense. But bow isn’t being treated fairly in this instance, and magic heavy attacks are obviously just as fast, if not faster, than bow light attacks, with greater surface area, making it very difficult for bow users to stop and shoot, as they have less of a window to attack, and lower surface area to hit enemies with, than magic users.


#5 - Knee Shot - Is a literal joke of a top tier talent. Arguably the worst top tier talent, of all the others. It is utterly unusable, because #1, you have to hit the legs, and #2, its only 2 seconds, and its only 10%… You should reward accuracy for hitting legs, not punish it with a joke of a talent. 30% slow, 4 seconds, and removes ability to dodge, as it would be very hard to dodge with an arrow in your knee. Same idea as ice shower. > Cmon you’re going to give Great Axe Players 30% movement speed and 15% more damage, indefinitely when looking at someone… and give bow’s a 10% slow for 2 measly seconds IF they hit the legs? Its really not useful currently. Should reward skill shots that are hard to hit. It’s hard enough just to land shots.

#6 - Concussion - Would be nice if this actually concussed when landing a skill shot with a bow, such as a head shot.

#7 - Splinter Shot - Is hitting with the bow not hard enough as it is? You have to shoot an arrow out 10 meters, and then it splits? for only 50% damage a shot? How much time do you think it takes for one to measure themselves up exactly 10 meters away to get value out of this, and reward a perfect skill shot? More time than its worth to setup for the lost damage! This ability, isn’t good in dungeons, and its not good in, well really anything. Its quite bad. I think its fun if you do land a perfect split and hit an enemy with 5 arrows, but its so difficult to do, not worth it. > Make it split instantly, and not as wide spread, not even half as wide spread… Like 1/3 of the spread for 5 arrows, MAX (Think 10m total width at 40m range). Then bow’s could punish melee’s, for the risk of you being that close with a bow. Its a fair trade, and helps bow users who have a harder time landing shots, giving them a smaller spread wave of arrows to use and help land shots. Also should allow these to penetrate, if only 1 mob, so they do function well in AOE. 1st arrow hit should do 100% damage to each unique target, with each additional arrow hitting the same target, then only doing 50% (More competitive with rain of arrows 150%). In theory would be less single target total damage than rapid shot (300%), except you could only land all 5 if you are very close, which is contra to what rapid shot would want, which is to be further away, and would be a great contrast, and super fun to use!

Thanks for reading my feedback! Would love the bow so much more if some of what I requested was implemented. Would it make the bow stronger? Yes definitely. Does it need to be stronger though? It needs to be more functional, so more people can use it, and you don’t find yourself in fights where you can’t hit a single shot, shoot slowly, are stuck when shooting in order to be accurate, or are dealing with low surface area arrows that drop to gravity and are slower to hit, therefore easier to dodge… Bow is rewarding when hits do land, but the difficulty is just insane, especially the way people know how to move. Would even be fine if the damage was reduced, if it was easier to hit with, and could hit more often.

Here are my bow credentials, currently 100% dex bow user, as I force it upon myself with a wet noodle ice gauntlet (used for utility, and to lock people down so that I can actually shoot them) : FROZEN BOW WRECKAGE - Bow / Ice Gauntlet - PVP Highlights - Hidden Tips - New World - YouTube


For the #5, I would like to add the passive stand alone talent that requires that the target before hit with damage from your bow(arrow) need to be at 100% health …it ONLY provides 10% reduction in movement speed for 2 seconds.
Personally I think it should be at least 3 seconds with at least 50% movement speed reduction.


I 100% agree, thank you for adding that to this thread!! If its going to be so infrequent of a proc, as to only be on targets with 100% health, should be either more rewarding than 10%, or more frequent as to removing the health requirement. Shots are hard enough to land as is, even in skilled hands! (In PvP)


Additionally another thread on this forum is about this:
After shooting an arrow you can’t do anything for 1 second.
A very small time but …I tested it, it’s true, lol.


Thank you for the detailed feedback on bow use! I’ll be sure to get this in front of our development team for consideration in future balance patches.


Ya I also commented on that thread, hah! I agreed that the “weapon swing(shot)” ending animation seemed long for a bow, but not entirely out of line with other animations on weapons after they swing. Melee weapons can cancel their animations with a block, bow’s don’t have that. So would be nicer if a little shorter.


Thank you ApricotScarf!!

Seeing a Community Moderator comment on my thread makes me feel important. Regardless of what the devs decide, I’m very happy to see your response.

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Nice discussion, but for me there are two major points:

  1. You need to separate bow from musket: musket is more ranged, has higher hitbox, and is slower. Ok, but after patch, bow is unusable. I cannot walk/run and shoot. Light attack are really really slow, I say as slow as musket. I would like to remove the light attack aftercast, because it is unbearable. Also make so I can walk and shoot.

  2. Bow hitbot is really small. This is true with mob, and even more with players. It is really impossible to use bow at any range.


Glad this was posted and in such great detail. Bow was constantly feeling off and I think this thread provides a good description of what should be done to make the weapon properly playable. I’m not a hardcore bow user but I keep going back to it because I really like the intention but continue to get frustrated with how it functions.


To build on #3, Life Staff and Fire Staff are ranged and they have tracking/magnetism. It’s slight but significant. Especially since they already have huge projectile size. Whereas bow’s arrow hitbox is the size of a toothpick and there’s no magnetism. Doesn’t seem fair to me.


Biggest gripe is the fact that after you shoot you’re stuck in the zoomed in mode for a second or so. Locking you out of any action afterwards. Super clunky and unneccecary.


I am a bow user and a fan.

#1 due to the nature of being able to sneak attack. the bow is the only weapon that can fire even while crouching (Correct me if I’m wrong). If the bow auto hits, then you can be spotted.

#2 I totally agree, there is a small glow increase but It’s barely noticeable.

#3 Because it would be harder to aim for a headshot if it always tries to track towards the body. Imagine 3k per hit and it can easily hit because of tracking. GG kids?

#4 Again, imagine 3k hits, and it’s as fast as a heavy attack of a fire mage with only 1k hit. GG kids again?

#5 Fire staff has a top skill of 400% mana regen after 6 seconds of not using fire staff abilities.

#6 maybe. but with all the bow passives. a lot of 30% dmg, can 1 or 2 hit every light armor person or even medium.

#7 yea it is not good. same as a lot of other skills of other weapons. for example fire staff meteor shower.

In conclusion, if bows will be reworked to make it easier to hit, please nerf the eff out of its dmg. THE DAMAGE IS SUPER POWERFUL. OP af

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It works the same way with all ranged weapons - this mechanics is shouting for a fix.

Due to the OP as bow:
I agree that bow’s light and heavy attack “casting speed” is slow on a level of being annoying.
There is also some kind of hitbox sliding issue, or projectile hitbox size issue, since all ranged weapons are missing in some cases where the hit should be definitely landed (like shooting someone from melee range who is not dodging and it could miss as 3/5 even if the cursor is placed in the middle of the object, that basically covers out your screen)

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and you pointed out in your above post, that what should be take in account IF bow will receive some changes, but OP has valid points.

I’m explaining why. Bow is the only weapon with massive +dmg skills for heavy attacks

I actually had no idea you could crouch in this game …and shoot bow from crouch.
Any of you know if you get a better chance of hitting or damage from crouch(sneak)?

musket can shoot even from proned position while bows only when standing/crouching


Agreed on all points.

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Only disagree on 7.
It was changed this way to prevent shotgunning.
But at the same time it makes the skill utter garbage and needs replacing with something completly different instead.
Thematically it could be an explosive arrow instead, like musket grenade but with higher range and projectile speed (why should a trapper even have a grenade in the first place).

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я думал это баг анимации !!! оказывается разработчик думает нам нужно еще раз войти в прицел зачем-то, когда нам это не нужно лол)