Bow has highest skill gap and yet nerfs every combat update

I have used bow since day one (1,200+ hours) and I don’t know what goes on with other servers but bow players are the least valuable on both servers I’ve been on. There are all of 3 good bow players that are scary to duel against and only one bow player that is good in wars between 1,000+ players. Why does this weapon receive nerfs every single combat update? If your goal is to make the bow either unplayable/unenjoyable then you’re doing a great job. Stop nerfing the bow please. The bow used to be so nimble and fun to play and has now just become something I am afraid to stay relevant in the game ill have to walk away from.

Why not nerf VG scream, VG blade duration, IG cooldowns, IG shower duration, Rapier cooldowns, Rapier fleche distance, Life staff cooldowns, medium armor dodges, CC chains, Stuns and roots that last 2+seconds, ect… Holy new world combat give bow players a break!

Please name the bow player that hurt you guys…

Im always down to talk about new world in my stream for those that care. @


people cry and AGS hears them, when you are good with bow you can destroy noobs and i see that AGS does not like that, they rather have the left button clickers that use hatchet and exploit the ridiculous Berserk ability that has not been nerf since the start, or how about those guys running VG+IG and just one shot everyone.

the bow in the PTR was reduced down to a Musket with no ability for Long range, i still remember the first nerf back in 1.1 it was bad but not as bad as this, 1.1 removed the fluid motion of the Bow and now this patch removes any sort of mobility as well, the animation between every shot is so damn long that you would get hit 2-3 times by any Fire staff or 50% by any melee user, the only way i see bow being any use in PVP is having 100% accuracy that way it does not matter if you have no mobility cause you would be hitting every shot.

no skill expression allowed. Fall in line and be a button mashing CC bot or else!


They will just keep nerfing the high skill weapon because that way the game will become so much friendly with causal players. Same happen with the Expertise system, just became more friendly with casual players

There is no bow nerf this patch

i wouldnt say expertise is a casual friendly system at all…

Wait, you really think IG cooldowns and IG shower root time of 1 second needs a nerf, but bow and dex survivability overall doesn’t need a nerf? Bow with rapier has way too much survivability right now, anyone with half a brain should never really die. The worst part about it is players can abuse jump cancelling to not even manage or think about their stamina. If you abused the jump cancel mechanic I really don’t want to hear about skill gap.

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Bow projectile speed & size needs a fucking buff.
Also, rework the heavy attack so it’s not fucking useless!

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You all keep asking for nerfs on everything one day it will come to a point where combat itself will get boring.
Instead of asking for nerfs think about how your weapon can be improved to match the one that is killing you.
And if your weapon is not the problem then guess what ? Your skill is the only thing that needs to change.

Bruh what are you talking about. Hatchet is trash and Berserk is literally all they got. They have 0 stun, 0 CC, 0 AOE. What are you smoking. A hatchet player is literally going to kill no one. If any one uses hatchet at all, it is as a weapon swap to gap close / escape + the perk that prevents death for a short period of time. Who wants to self root and animation lock themselves into an instant death.

Patching unintended mechanics is obviously not a nerf. The bow is supposed to be used from a distance, and no one said you have to full draw your shots. You can hip fire shots with no problem, and you can do partial draw shots.

VG and IG are over powered, but that is only because PvP combat as a whole is trash. The lack of cc resistance, cc immunity, and so on only shows how little AGS knows about the MMORPG genre, or RPG’s in general. IMO they should remove PvP entirely because they are never going to make it good.

This is an issue with most games.

The exceptional players can take advantage of the ranged DPS so well that everyone else has to suffer for them to be in balance.

The only game to really get this right is Overwatch. They made counters to perfect headshot snipers not require any aiming skills just good positioning.

They can allow headshots to one shot 1/2 the characters because the can hide behind shields. And the other 1/2 can charge them because they have 3x the life.

We need systems like these to balance skilled headshot players without nerfing the average player to the ground.

It’s funny because they already have some mechanics just not in PvP. The winter yettis could put up a shield to make them immune to ranged damage.

adding shields into the game is dangerous…you saw what happened that led to rein, orisa, and other shields getting their total HP values hard nerfed

what nerf bow got received?

idk what you smoking, but hatchet is one of worst weapons for pvp. in pve its ok, but when you reach 600gs its not so good. Its basically 2 button wonder. Berserk and lmb. Throwing is joke. Its weakest skill set in whole game and it even got nerfed last patches. It should be buffed. Feral rush which is hatchets leap has so bad hitbox that even if you hug enemy from behind and use it. You will miss if enemy keeps running forward. It has bad hitbox and very slow animation. You basically only hit stuff that are standing still and dont know how to move in any direction even one or two steps. Not to mention dodging. Then you are locked in animation for couple seconds and it means free hits. Also “no nerfs on berserk” guess you havent played it. Before it worked like VG aka cooldown goes down while you have berserk on so you can use it nonstop. Not it goes on cooldown after it ends. Voidblade should have this same nerf and most likely will have at some point so u cant keep it on 24/7.

anyways this post is about bows. Bows still hit easy 3-7k and most of its skills are super easy to hit. Penetrating shot is pretty much almost same as using musket. Poison shot doesnt even need to hit to do 240% dmg aoe. Rain of arrows does big damage with its bleed. Also quite easy to land.
Evade shot is abused to max. Now with bow jumping being bugged. You see 9/10 bow users exploiting it. Basically very hard to hit and bow users will hit you like a truck very easily.

Its one of easiest ranged weapons to use and hits very hard while having super good mobility.

also there is no nerfs in this patch… unless you mean fixing that jump exploit you use.

also if we think about pvp/opr/wars. seems like 50-70% of people use bow/rapier because both are so busted and op. then rest are pretty much wh/ga, mages (mostly ig/vg and some firestaff users), and healers.

Ice gauntlet, Fire Staff were hit very, very heavy by nerfs. From my subjective point of view much, much more than the bow.

But as usual, people point out things they do not really know.

Please play with the Ice Gauntlet untl mastery with both PvP and more important PvE. Then come back and tell about your experience.

I am certain, you would not point out this weapon anymore. You would actually beg for a buff, at least for PvE.

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