Bow hatchet meta incoming (already is) YIKES

easily the most cringe play style. anyone using this is an actual bot. now that rapier is getting gutted (fnf) this will be the combo. even the actual good bows might start doing it because it will be the only viable option. really sad to see ags promoting more rat gameplay every patch when they should be doing the opposite


the main issue is, that bow hits for 8-10k so why the heck would you have a 2nd weapon other than doing some rat gameplay.

if a bruiser or a mage gets hatchet 2nd just to be a rat, he’s becoming useless as their main weapon isn’t massively overpowered.

you missed the memo,
BB / FS is the meta on the horizon, go check the PTR.

ffs leave the hatchet alone, the most overrated skill in the game.


idk if somethings op i care if somethings for rats, atleast bb fs will actually fight you

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