Bow hits half as hard as before?

I don’t understand how the bow was “BUFFED”? I hit for almost 1/3rd of the damage I was hitting before, twice as fast albeit, so essentially for me to do the same impact in war I have to keep my bow out more than I already would!? Tell me how this is a buff? Yall essentially want bow users to hide in a bush and shoot arrows like a sentry turret which is not how good bow players play the game… you took the entire skill gap out of playing bow and now we are just going to have a bunch of people hiding in war. I have over 2K hours as a bow player in New World and you just ruined the only good weapon in the game. I’d rather use a life staff to DPS at this point since it hits harder.

I dont really notice a damage difference other than heavy shot. LMB monkies only get tickled which is the same as before.

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idk, had 17.3k pen shot in invasion yesterday, never had above 12k …^^

Charged shot dmg as nerfed but it’s now faster to load. Regular auto attacks are the same damage.

I haven’t noticed a damage decrease except in my heavy attack. It loads faster so I’m able to get off more shots now, which has been nice. One thing I HAVE noticed is sometimes opening shots (while I’m unnoticed and not under any duress) will fly in an odd direction causing me to miss head shots or the target completely.

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I used to hit healers/squishes for over 2400 light attack in the body/no crit and siege for 1700-1900. I now find myself hitting 1100-1400 on squishies and 900-1036 on siege. These are just simple comparisons from my vod reviews so far. Rain of arrows has been missing/possibly desyncing like crazy as well which really hurts my DPS.

Mind you, I have a ruinous bow and yes it was slotted. I triple-checked.

I dont know what your doing wrong but im still getting hit for 2-4k in med

Probably by a pen shot… has nothing to do with the light/heavy attacks

Quadruple checked, bow hits hard still. It’s just the OP having the illusion and wanting to deal way more damage than what bows should do.

They buffed arrow hitbox size making shots much easier to land too.

Its been buffed to hell. Where the new meta is now ranged.

Completely ruins the game again.

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Melee tracking for ALL weapons have also been buffed to hell.

Definitely ruined the game since you can left click + track your way to victory no skills required.

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Oh I don’t know could it be maybe it’s because the Heavy bow attack time have been sped up to almost as fast as the light bow attacks?


Oh so when melee weapons get a buff it doesn’t ruin the game but when ranged weapons get a buff it does? :rofl:

You trippin

Hehe this forum. There are now both “bow op” AND “bow up” posts at the same time.

The truth is that bow, like spear, is now one of the better balanced weapons in the game.

Just every other weapon to go……

Where did you get that from?

And you can still just walk away from melee or at least ga and wh

I feel like my RoA doesnt hit everyone it should too but I am not noticing a damage loss.

I fight lmb monkies last two days. They literally just left click spam while out of range because they know nothing will happen to them because grit. I had one at zero health after I totally outplayed him but he must of had beserk. I kept hitting him with zero health. Then came healer he was full instantly. This needs to change.

I agree with this