BOW is S+ tier explosive shot is OP <3

Eh, I don’t want a stats/gear debate. But with a good heavy set with all physical aversion + resilent + gems I get popped hard, like, 2-3k

For an auto-ranged, it’s a bit too much.
On top of that, AoE skills. On top of that, a japanese car size hitbox. On top of that, graphics tweaking so you can get 100 fps and no foliage. C’me on mate.
I mean, they are not consequential, but it’s like the old heavy bruisers+gravity well. But from afar.

No its not to much. If average bow player would miss like 30% + shots it wouldnt be issue. Issue is average bow user it hiting like 80% of shots. They made it to easy. Sry but 80-90% should be number of top bow players not some random dudes that just trying bow first time in their life.

what did u think it will happen…
different title would be better is all im saying.

depends , but mostly in outside world duels vs ga/wh (not in opr) , i don’t use bow , only rapier because we counter so hard ga/wh already , so atleast i give them a little chance :smiley:

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You will mever win 1 vs 2 good mele players whu know wat thei doing :slight_smile:

With potions impossible , without possible

Lol “bow is S+ tier” meanwhile the guy in the video proceeds to mostly use rapier and occasionally shoot his enemies with a bow lol. I think you meant rapier is S+ tier.

totally not op, only half of the players in opr run bow

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Stuff like this (14) Blunderbuss / Spear ONE SHOT Build | New World PvP Montage 5 (Summer Update) - YouTube make all the nerf bow posters look like a joke.


damn those players you fighting are so good at being bad

So op that the team with the most bows loses.

With all this BowPR metrics AGS is getting, not gonna surprise me if next heavy-armor rework we get a phalanx buff or something like that, much as some bosses have.

It’d be so awesome.

ssssshhhhhhhhh don’t tell them the secret :smiling_imp:

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BowPr is long dead mate - with all the nerfs the meta of musket is upon us…

Trust me, not true :upside_down_face:

Categorically, undeniably true.

Bow’s still OP. It’s my weapon of choice in OPR now.

Nailed it. I like playing bow in OPR though, I’m not complaining. Got a solid build.

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